Halloween garlands are a great way to add some spooky spirit to your home without spending a lot of money or cluttering up every corner with that messy cobweb stuff. Whether you’re going for scary or a lighter, more fun take on Halloween, almost all of these garlands can be made with stuff you probably already have in your craft drawer. And best of all, most of them are easy enough for the kids to help or for you to zone out while you watch something scary on Netflix. Take a peek at these 12 clever and super easy DIY garlands to get inspired.


1. Spellbound: Take your Halloween decor to a classy place with this simple but also modern and stylish decorative banner. Pick your favorite Halloween phrase and cut it out of little flags for a cool typography banner. (via The Things She Makes)

Halloween-garland copy 2

2. Paper Straws: Paper straws might just be the coolest decoration piece ever thanks to all the colors and designs available. Inexpensive and super easy to put together, this garland will definitely make a bold statement at the party. (via Tell Love and Chocolate)


3. Paper Bat: For a more elegant affair, these delicate scalloped bats are just the thing. Print onto black paper, cut and string together with metallic thread for an extra bit of pizzazz. (via Lia Griffith)


4. Crepe Paper Ghosts: This rad branch garland looks like a whole row of ghosts waiting to fly away. And don’t worry, the accordion garland is also super easy to make once you get the hang of it. (via A Beautiful Mess)


5. Ping Pong Ghosts: How cute are these? Just draw scary faces on ping pong balls, poke a hole in the bottom and use Mod Podge and cheese cloth to get a ghostly shape. (via Unoriginal Mom)


6. Mini Skulls: Simple and to the point, these tiny skulls look great in black, or you can layer them up with different colors for extra wow factor. (via Lovely Indeed)


7. Layered Garlands: Why choose between mini ghosts and fall leaves when you can have all the garlands? Layer up a bunch of easy garlands for an awesome decor that looks like you spent days putting it all together. (via A Beautiful Mess)


8. Black Cat: Twinkling string lights and spooky black cats? This garland is a definite yes, especially with those adorable fringed whiskers. (via Country Living)


9. Pipe Cleaner Spiders: Bend and twist the pipe cleaners to make these little guys crawl over whatever you decide needs a bit of creepy decor. These bugs are so easy to make that even little helping hands can get in on the decorating fun. (via Design Improvised)


10. Candy Garland: Nothing says Halloween like piles of candy everywhere, right? Put some of those colorful pieces to work as decor by stringing them together for a fun decoration that can be eaten later. (via Hank and Hunt)


11. Eye See You: Whip up some Halloween fun super fast by printing off these enormous irises to glue on paper plates. Ta-da! Super creepy and super easy. (via Paging Super Mom)


12. Yarn Ghosts: How stinking cute are these floppy little ghosts? They’re cheap to make (hello, yarn) and all you need is a few shows on Netflix to make a whole fleet of them. (via Eighteen 25)

What Halloween DIY projects are you working on this season? Talk to us in the comments below!