As Halloween begins to loom nearer, we鈥檙e already thinking about what we鈥檙e going to dress up as this year. And guys, there are some really great options so far. You and your friends could go as the cast of Inside Out聽or maybe as the ladies from Orange Is the New Black. But if you鈥檙e looking for a costume that is going to get you all the LOLZ (or should we say hahas), you should definitely consider trying one of these hilariously punny聽costumes.


1.聽Animal Cookie: If this is baby鈥檚 first Halloween, use the opportunity for some serious punning! Have one parent dress as an animal, another as a cookie and dress up your baby as a super colorful animal cookie! For the full DIY, head over to this blogger鈥檚 site. (via A Joyful Riot)


2.聽Ginger Bread Man: Embrace those red locks with this hilarious costume that you can buy at the grocery store. (via Reddit)

sixteen candles halloween costume

3. Sixteen Candles: Head to the thrift store and pick out the most 鈥80s dress you can find. Then cover it with 16 moderately sized candles (or fake candles if you鈥檙e going to a Halloween bonfire). Snag this particular dress here.


4.聽Raining Cats and Dogs: If you鈥檙e chill with opening an umbrella indoors, all this easy costume requires is an umbrella, some super glue and stuffed animals. (via CNN)

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 12.57.16 PM

5.聽Formal Apology: Because it doesn鈥檛 mean anything unless you鈥檙e wearing a suit. (via @sarahcrowe27)


6. Harry Potter: Combine this classic punny Halloween costume with a new magical element. Grab the Harry Potter robes from here and this amazing potted plant hat here!

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 12.46.16 PM

7.聽Bag of Eminems: It鈥檚 hilarious and it will literally take you 30 minutes to put together. That鈥檚 what we call a win-win situation. (via @candylynn14)

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 12.52.25 PM

8.聽Taco Belle: Well that鈥檚 it, this one won Halloween before it even started. (via @avantgeek)

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 12.48.59 PM

9.聽Fantasy Football: If Dumbledore forgot about quidditch and became a major NFL fan instead, it might look a little something like this. (via @kyle.suba)


10.聽Hawaiian Punch: How about a nice Hawaiian punch? This punny couple鈥檚 costume is part Hula Girl, part Rocky Balboa. (via聽Brit + Co)


11. Kevin Bacon: Grab this hi-larious bacon costume and simply top it off with a name tag that says 鈥淜evin.鈥


12.聽Holy Cow and Oh Dear: Are you and your BFF major pun lovers? Do a joint costume with this cute combo. (via Imgur)


13.聽Anna Winter: Our very own Brit Morin donned this take on a wintery Anna Wintour at Brit + Co鈥檚 2013 Halloween party. Fake snow and an ice cold attitude are required. (via聽Brit + Co)


14. Deviled Egg ($50): We鈥檙e all for the DIY costumes, but if you find yourself in a pinch, here鈥檚 one of the best buy-able options.


15. Mer-maid: Combine elements from this costume and this one to make the punniest (and cleanest) costume on both land and sea.


16. Thesaurus: Part dinosaur, part vocabulary expander, this costume is not only hilarious but also educational. (via聽N00brarian)


17. North West: If you鈥檙e a major Kimye fan, here鈥檚 a fun way to embrace the family. Make a giant compass necklace and place one celeb鈥檚 head on north and one on west聽and voila! Off to the party you go.


18. Breakfast In Bed: This couples鈥 costume is sure to get all the laughs at this year鈥檚 Halloween party. Have one person dress up like Will Ferrell聽and have the other throw on聽this easy pancake costume. (Photo via USA Today)


19.聽Bun in the Oven: Maternity costume FTW! Dress your bump up as an actual bun in the oven. (via聽Brit + Co)


20. Pugin鈥 Spice Latte: I mean, if you鈥檙e super stoked about the upcoming fall beverage AND you have a dog, this seems like a must. (via @singalittleflat)

Did you dress up as a pun costume last year? Tell us what it was in the comments below.