Sick and tired of giving the same gift over and over? Or even worse, walking into a party and realizing the host already has a few of your gift to spare? Don’t fret and go the DIY way! These super easy and unique ideas will keep you busy for a bit and will undoubtedly impress even the toughest of critics. Get ready to paint, scrub, nosh and boil!

1. Peppermint Sea Salt Scrub: Everyone will be in serious need of R&R post holiday season, and this is the perfect token to indulge in during a night in or a day at the spa. These scrubs are easy to make and if you need more of a variety, get even more ideas here. (via The Happy House)

2. Neon Terracotta Succulents: As easy as just painting the pot, letting it dry and you are ready for the party. Wanna give it more sparkle? Just go with metallic or jewel tones. (via Preparatory School)

3. Boiled Apple Sider Syrup: Planning this project is a little time consuming, but the results are well worth it. Be sure spend a few hours in the kitchen, but the packaging and sweet flavors will be remembered for some time. (via Reading My Tea Leaves)

4. Ginger Curried Candied Almonds: This gift consists of an incredible trifecta — sweet, spicy and salty. It will most likely be a hit on any party spread, and the only challenge might be not snacking on them while they are still warm. (via Saveur)

5. Infused Honey: Time for something sweet! Break away from jams and butters and give this lovely and easy to make honey jar. Wanna get even craftier? Paint the jars a different color and add a hand-written note. (via Austin Culture Map)

6. BBQ Rub & Sauce: The perfect gift for the grill afficionado, as they are delicious and will add a kick to any dish. Make sure to experiment and even add new seasonings, as it may guarantee an invite to many upcoming dinner parties in the new year. (via Guest of a Guest)

7. Mason Jar Candles and Holiday Lids: This gift is all about the packaging. There are plenty of fun ways to make candles, but the lid is really what steals the show. The animals are spray painted, adding a chic statement that will most likely be reused. (via Mariejanelle)

8. Homemade Seasonings: Mix and match your favorite spices and pack them up inside a cute little container. There are so many combos out there, chances are you won’t even repeat. This DIY requires little tools and can even take as little as just a few minutes.(via Luci’s Morsels)

9. Rosemary Syrup: This little potion will spiff up any holiday aperitif and they are super easy to make. I mean, ’tis the season to eat, drink and be merry after all! Don’t forget to pair it up with your favorite bottle of wine or spirit. (via Julip Made)

10. Homemade Potpourri: Combine fruits and fragrances for the perfect mix. This is such a fun project for a cold afternoon and you can use all your creativity on dressing it up and making it pretty. (via Coordinately Yours)

11. Garlic Herb Salt: This mix of seasonings will elevate any meal from so-so to yum, yum! A cooking enthusiast can never have too many dish accoutrements. (via Saveur)

12. Pretzels with Brown Sugar & Dijon Mustard: Show up to your next soiree with a full-on package of festive treats. These pretzels and mustard are perfect to munch on when dishing about the holiday highlights. (via Wayfair)

So there you go! All of this projects are fun, easy and more importantly they will be cherished by party throwers. What are some of your favorite DIY gifts? We’d love to see some of your ideas, so be sure to share some photos.