Remember that Sex and the City episode where Carrie registers for a single pair of shoes? Us too, and while we totally relate to the sentiment, we’re more about tricking out the kicks we already have. Last we shared some of our favorite ways fellow DIYers have updated their shoes in cool and creative ways. Now it’s time to serve up our own simple hack. Presenting DIY Ikat Wedges!

 SEI Tumble Dye
DyeNaFlow dye
– fabric or canvas wedges

 – foam brushes

– paper plate palette

Follow along to see how we turn plain wedges into fetching Ikat kicks! :)

We picked up this pair of wedges at a thrift store but you can find similar ones at Payless and Zappos. This is also a great way to update old wedges or heels. The fabric dyes we used are leftovers from our Dyed Scarves Brit Kit! We used SEI Tumble Dye in Mint and DyeNaFlow dye in Azure and Brick.

Squeeze a few drops of dye onto a paper plate or palette. Dip your foam brush in so that the edge is entirely covered. Paint your shoe by pressing the edge of the brush onto your shoe, creating a geometric Ikat-inspired pattern. If you’d like a little more direction in terms of your pattern, try googling Ikat.

This is how your shoes should look after one color.

Repeat with a contrasting color, like red.

And again with another lighter color. We used mint Tumble Dye as our third color. You could also water down one of your first two colors or mix them together to create your third shade.

Let them dry for an hour before wearing. And that’s it!

Isn’t this a fun and easy way to give your summer kicks a little personality? We just might have to try the same technique on our Toms ballet flats.

Have you tried any creative ways of changing up your shoes? Perhaps one of the hacks we recently rounded up? Share your ideas and stories with us in the comments below.