You might be a fan of espadrilles, slide sandals and wedges during summer, but when the temps take a dip (yet it’s still warm enough to show off your feet), we’re all about pointed flats and ballet shoes. Not only are they one of the comfiest styles, but they also have the ability to turn even the most understated outfit into a chic one. If you dreamed of becoming a ballerina, then scroll on for the tutorial below. This shoe hack is calling you!


Materials and Tools:

  • old ballet flats
  • matching faux leather scrap
  • 13-foot piece of twine
  • fabric scissors
  • fabric glue
  • binder clips


1. Cut your leather into half-inch wide strips, then fold the leather over and glue down. Use a binder clip to secure it in place while the glue is drying.

2. Repeat to create a total of five loops for each shoe.

3. Put more glue onto one leather piece. Next, press down where you want it to sit on the shoe, starting at the front.

4. Attach the other loops to the sides, measuring a thumb-sized gap between. Let everything completely dry.

5. Cut a piece of twine and thread it through to lace up your flats.

6. Repeat with the other shoe.

step 2

First, cut your leather scrap into strips a half-inch wide. Then fold the leather over to create a loop and use a bit of fabric glue to glue it in place. Secure it with a binder clip (or clothespin) and let it dry. Next repeat to create some more loops. I ended up using 10. At this point, put more glue onto one leather piece and press down where you want it to sit . I started from the bottom, then continued attaching the other four loops to the sides. The finished product should look like the picture above. Finally, cut a piece of twine and thread it through to lace up your flats. Then repeat with the other shoe and you’re good to go!


Aren’t they super chic? Wear them now, thank us later ;)


Will you give this DIY a try? If so, share photos on Instagram with the hashtag #iamcreative.