Before you know it, the Easter bunny will be here, and with her (the Easter bunny is obviously a girl, right?) come egg hunts, Sunday brunch, and one of our absolute favorites: Easter baskets. Filled with a bounty of goodies, they’re a great way to share this holiday with your little ones. To put a refreshing twist on this age-old tradition, we’re teaming up with Ghirardelli to make a new kind of basket and filling it with chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. Fun, easy, and colorful, this mason jar DIY is just what the bunny ordered. So, press play to see how we’re filling our baskets this Easter and find out what sweet surprise awaits.

These adorable baskets are perfect for displaying colorful chocolate eggs and showcasing Ghirardelli’s newest addition, the Milk Chocolate Caramel Bunny. It’s decadent, divine, and just what our mason jar Easter basket needs. Scroll on to see how this DIY is done with more detail.

DIY Mason Jar Easter Basket


Materials and Tools:

  • mason jar
  • Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel Bunny
  • Ghirardelli Chocolate Eggs
  • acrylic paint
  • foam brush
  • hot glue gun
  • cord
  • tape
  • paper flower
  • paper grass
  • flag name tag


  1. Tape the mason jar to create a design of your choice and paint.
  2. Once the paint is completely dry, remove the tape to reveal your design.
  3. Make a handle using a nine-inch piece of cord by gluing the ends to either side of the jar.
  4. Next, wrap the lip of the jar with the cord to cover up the lid seams.
  5. Tie on your paper flower to the handle.
  6. Fill the jar with goodies! The more colorful the candy, the better.
  7. Fill the top with some paper grass, add your name tag flag, and top with a chocolate bunny.

First up, do a little color blocking to add a nice pop. Tape down a pattern and paint. You may want to add a second coat, depending on the color and thickness. Before removing the tape, make sure that the paint is COMPLETELY dry. It’s probably a good idea to step away, grab some coffee, or do something that will distract you. Removing the tape too early will pull up some of the paint, messing with that clean edge.


Time to make the handle. Using a nine-inch piece of cord, glue each end to the rim of the jar. Next, wrap the cord around the lip of the jar to hide the seam for the lid. Ta-da! Lookin’ good.


Time to fill ‘er up! Add some color with tasty treats, such as these Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Eggs. Add a tuft of paper grass, tie on a paper flower, and stick in your name tag flag. This basket is almost ready to go. One last step…


To finish this basket up, top it with a chocolate bunny. After all, it’s the ultimate Easter treat! Just make sure you add the bunny right before you gift this basket, otherwise you run the risk of stale candy… and no one wants that.


You can add different embellishments, like pom-poms or silk bows, to customize these mason jars for the kids in your life. Plus, you can make a killer Easter centerpiece by arranging them together.


We especially LOVE these caramel-filled chocolate bunnies. It’s just what Easter needs!


Now, that’s one good looking (and by good looking we mean tasty) Easter basket.

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DIY Styling + Production: Caroline Hetzel + Lindsay Saito

Video Production: Michael Sullivan + Katie Booker

Photography: Kurt Andre