Since confetti is the official mascot of NYE, everything should be decked out in confetti and sparkles to make your New Year’s party complete. We’ve DIYed our way through confetti poppers and NYE cocktails, and now we’re showing you how to add a little party to your dishes too! Your guests will definitely be excited when you serve them an appetizer on one of these fun confetti trays you’ll want to bust out at every soiree in 2016.



– ceramic tray or plate

– craft glue

– mod podge

– confetti


– foam brush



1. Clean off any dust, dirt or grease that might be on your tray. Spread a thin layer of craft glue on the tray with your foam brush.

2. Sprinkle confetti over the glue, making sure each piece is stuck down well.

3. Once the glue is dry and the confetti is in place, pour mod podge over the confetti and smooth with the foam brush.

4. Allow the mod podge to dry completely and serve your guests their favorite drinks on your new, fun confetti tray!


Don’t worry if you don’t have any craft glue — Elmer’s white glue will work just fine too!


Make sure your craft glue layer has dried completely before adding the mod podge on top. This will allow for faster drying times once the mod podge is added.


Tip your tray upside down over a garbage can to remove any excess modge podge.


How cute is this tray?!


Your guests will want one of their own as soon as they see this tray!


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