Hands up if you’re a savory cocktail lover. If so, these pickle juice cocktails are perfect for you. We tried them out around the office and received mixed reviews, but the ultimate conclusion: If you like pickle juice, you’re going to love these cocktails :) Take a break from all the beer at your upcoming St. Patrick’s Day party, and wow your guests with these statement-making drinks. If you want to keep it extra simple, you can even opt for easy pickleback chasers. Our friends over at The Pickle Juice Company hooked us up with their newest product — Pickle Juice Chaser. It’s great with cocktails and its reduced sodium levels make it a key hangover cure.


The Pickled Surfer COCKTAIL RECIPE



— whisky

Pickle Juice Chaser

— lime juice

— green food coloring

— Old Bay Seasoning


Dip the edge of your glass first in water, then in Old Bay Seasoning, to give the rim some extra flavor.


Add one part whisky to two parts Pickle Juice Chaser. Top off with a splash of lime juice and a dot of green food coloring.


Give it a good stir, and get your St. Patrick’s Day party on!

Bacon Pickleback



— bacon bourbon

Pickle Juice Chaser

— sea salt

—green food coloring


Add some green food coloring to the water you’ll use to moisten the rim of your glass. Dip your glass into the colored water, then into the salt to get a frosty green edge.


Add one part bacon bourbon to two parts Pickle Juice Chaser. Add one drop of green food coloring and stir.


Don’t forget: Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Kurt Andre