Chances are your phone or hard drive is overflowing with photos starring life鈥檚 most treasured moments 鈥 from your best vacations to graduation or even that uh-mazingperfect hair day. Don鈥檛 let those photos collect digital dust. Check out these fun, old-school-inspired ideas to organize and display your favorite memories. Now you can relive them anytime you like.


1. Modern Scrapbook: DIY a trip down memory lane with this online聽class ($19) as your guide. In this beginner-friendly tutorial, taught by scrapbooking genius Amy Tan, you鈥檒l learn how and where to print your favorite Instagram photos, design pretty layouts and construct your own 鈥測ear in review鈥 photo booklet. Skip the trip to the crafts store and bundle the class with this scrapbook supply kit ($49). (via Brit + Co)


2. Magnets: Turn your fridge into a cool configurable photo display with custom magnets. You can make them yourself with a magnet and some glue or go for a more polished look with a professional service that converts your Instagram photos into mini works of art. (via Sticky 9)


3. Flip book: We love this modern update to the old-school flip book. To make your own, print out your favorite photos, put it together with some household supplies and voila: You have a fun, new way to cherish an old memory. (via Brit + Co)

4. Embroidered Art: Embroidery makes everything prettier, including your favorite photos. To make your image pop, just choose one or two details to highlight. Once you鈥檙e done, frame it to show off your new threads. (via A Beautiful Mess)

5. Mosaic: If you don鈥檛 mind giving your photos a little trim, make a photo mosaic and transform a boring image into a one-of-a-kind work of art. Mount on a wood block for maximum effect. (via Shelterness)


6. Mobiles: The sky鈥檚 the limit when it comes to making decorative mobiles for your home. Grab whatever is lying around 鈥 embroidery hoops, an old tire, a tree branch 鈥 and hang your snapshots for the world to see. (via Snapbox)


7. Block Puzzle: Savor your special memory with a DIY photo puzzle. This easy-to-assemble block game is perfect for both kids and kids at heart. (via eHow)


8. Calendar: You鈥檒l love counting down the days with a wall calendar comprised of your own pretty pictures. Take the cheap route and print at home or order a sleek version online. (via Artifact Uprising)

How have you brought your digital memories to life? Share your pics with us on Instagram + use the hashtag #iamcreative!