There are a ton of ways to get your print on without investing in a print studio. With dyes, stamps and screens, you can print your own cards and clothes right at home. We think kits are the best way to go, especially if you’re just getting started, so we’ve found 10 DIY kits to start what we’ll sure will be your printmaking addiction.

1. Carve-A-Stamp Kit ($30): Making your own stamps is the best way to amp up your stationary, especially for the holidays. Bust out those metallic inks, y’all!

2. Print Fabric With Light Kit ($30): This is definitely the perfect way to tie dye. Embrace all the folds, creases and crinkles to make a design that’s one of a kind.

3. DIY Printmaking Kit ($29): With this crafty kit, you can print on cards, fabric or paper. After your design is carved in the Speedball roller, you can go ahead and start printing away.

4. Super Sunprint Kit ($16): Take your print inspiration right from nature with these printmaking sheets that work with just sun and water.

5. Inkodye Shadow Printing Kit: These photosensitive dyes are a total hit in our book. They dye fabric with only a little help from the sun, and they’re a total riot when making prints with objects around the house.

6. Block Printing Set ($39): In addition to the printmaking tools, this kit includes fabric paints, you can get right to work on those tea towels, t-shirts and tote bags.

7. DIY Print Shop Screen Printing Kit ($250): Get ready to set up shop… a t-shirt shop, that is. This screenprinting kit comes with everything you need to start printing your own designs on every item of clothing you own. Trust us. You’re going to want to.

8. Animal Print Negatives ($12): You can transfer these animal prints right onto clothing for a more exotic style of printing.

9. Inkodye Photo Printing Kit ($40): This Inkodye kit lets you print your own photos onto natural fabrics. In the box, you’ll find everything you need to make it happen.

10. Speedball Screen Printing Kit ($85): Ready to start printing like a pro? This kit has it all, from the screens, inks and a how-to video.

How will you start printing? Let us know in the comments!