B+C readers — I’m not going to lie and say that I am a runner, because I am not. However, I am into having my hands free when walking or hiking. For this post, I turned to all the little birdies around the office who told me about the countless number of black running bands that are forced upon them at running expos. With this new knowledge, I decided to give running belts a B+C DIY do-over and make them super colorful! The key to making these bands stay up while running is quality wide velcro — tons of surface area means tons of area for Velcro to lock into place!



  • — 1/4 yard jersey fabric
  • — 1/4 yard lycra fabric
  • — 1 1/2 inches sewing Velcro
  • — 1/2-inch grommet
  • — 9-inch zipper


— sewing machine

— hammer

— sewing pins

— measuring tape

— marker

— fabric scissors



1. Cut a 12 x 12-inch square out of your jersey fabric.

2. Fold two ends of the fabric to meet in the middle and then fold the edges of those pieces back in the opposite direction about an inch to create a clean hem. Pin the hem in place.

3. Pin the zipper to the hem and sew both sides.

4. Measure the width of the zipper pouch and your waist. Cut a rectangle of lyrca fabric that measures two times the width of the zipper pouch by the length of your waist (minus about six inches).

5. Fold the lycra in half and sew to create a long tube. Then turn it right side out.

6. Tuck the raw edges of the lyrca under and fit the zippered pouch into the lyrca opening. Pin and sew through all layers.

7. Cut a small hole in your pouch and attach your grommet.

8. Flip the band over and cut down the middle of the lyrca to open up the loop. Hem the edges.

9. Cut a six-inch piece of Velcro, pin and then sew onto the band.

  1. Running_Belt_002

    Grab your jersey fabric and cut out a 12 x 12-inch square. When choosing your fabric, go with a heavier weight.

  2. Running_Belt_003

    Fold opposite ends of the fabric to meet at the center and then fold them back an inch to create a clean hem. Don’t worry about it being directly in the center — since it’s a loop, you can adjust the placement of the zipper later on in the tutorial.

  3. Running_belt_004

    Pin the zipper face down and sew both sides. Unzip the zipper when sewing to make it a whole lot easier ;)

  4. Running_Belt_008

    Measure the width of your zipper pouch. Depending on the size of the hem, it will be around 5-6 inches wide.

  5. Running_Belt_010

    Grab your measuring tape and jot down the length of your waist. Cut a long rectangle out of your lycra fabric that measures double the width of your pouch by the length of your waist minus six inches.

  6. Running_Belt_011

    Fold the lycra in half lengthwise and sew to create a long tube. Remember to keep in mind the good and bad sides of fabric when sewing.

  7. Running_Belt_013

    Turn right side out. We love the way this fabric shines!

  8. Running_belt_014

    Tuck the raw edges of the lycra under and then fit the zippered jersey pouch inside the opening of the lyrca. Pin and then sew. Don’t be nervous, and sew through all layers of the pouch. This will create a barrier for your goodies so they don’t roll around inside your belt. This is also the time to choose where you want your zipper to be. Feel free to rotate the zipper closer to the top to fit your needs.

  9. Running_belt_017

    Cut a small hole and attach your grommet. Pound away! You can put your headphone cord through the grommet while you’re out on your run listening to jams.

  10. Running_Belt_015

    Cut down the middle of the lycra band, fold the edges under and hem.

  11. Running_belt_016

    Cut a six-inch piece of Velcro, pin and sew into place.

  12. Running_Belt_030

    Stuff your phone, keys, credit card and transit pass in place and get ready to run!

  13. Running_Belt_032

    We couldn’t help but make two different bands. These are on point. One for me and one for you :)


These two chicas were ready to take these running bands for a test drive. Thanks girls!


Ashley and Alicia gave us the tip to wear these packs on your back while running for maximum comfort.


Ready, set, race ya!

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