This might be the most delightful thing that’s come across our laptops all week long — a side-by-side comparison of what people would look like if they were donuts. A Miley Cyrus bleach-blonde mohawk equates frosted, a bloody nose makes you jelly filled (umm, yum and yuck?) and, our personal favorite, adorable freckles are the same thing as adorable sprinkles. Hear, hear. And when we advance in years and our skin is weathered from the sun, we’ll resemble an apple fritter. Something to look forward to.

The images were born when food-focused marketing company Marlin partnered with photographer Brandon Voges to create an interactive invitation for a networking breakfast they hosted earlier this month at The Art Institute of Chicago for the yearly National Restaurant Association’s food show.

And because, as you’ve probably noticed on Facebook, everyone loves a good quiz, Marlin paired the images with a questionnaire that tells you what your Donut Double is. I was hoping this would be based on image recognition, but it’s more of a personality test. Turns out, I’m orange cream, but really I’ve always considered myself more of a strawberry-Earl-Grey type. (Making an appointment with my shrink now.)

If you’re wondering where the delicious-looking donuts are from, that would be from St. Louis-based Strange Donut.

It almost seems serendipitous that we would discover these images one week before National Donut Day. Let’s just say we do believe in fate, and we will be eating every donut that we think even slightly resembles us when June 6th arrives.

What donut do you look like? Let us know in the comments below!

(h/t Fast Company)