Of course you love your besties, but surely any squad (even Taylor Swift’s famous #girlsquad) would be improved if there was a donut-loving deer among the bunch. Although this sounds like something out of a Disney movie, there is in fact one teen who happens to be BFFs with a deer named Money. And, as if that wasn’t amazing enough, this particular deer has a sweet tooth and a deep love of donuts.

When 17-year-old Kelvin Peña found a friendly deer in his cousin’s backyard, he decided to give the animal a little snack. Feeding the fearless prancer a few crackers — “That’s a good cracker, right, bro?” — it turns out Kelvin was making a fast friend.

Not one to be selfish, Money soon brought his entire deer squad (including baby deer!) along for some food. “My son money got a whole family I didn’t even know.” Bambi, Canela and even Lola came along for the ride — she ate a powdered donut right out of Kelvin’s hand. Wow!

Note: Powdered donuts are probably not the healthiest thing for deer, but maybe Kelvin didn’t happen to have any deer-feed on hand. He promises to get something a little more nutritious next time, tweeting to concerned folks, “I’ma start feeding money healthy sh*t I just havent gone grocery shopping, its nice to eat sum other than grass doe.” He also let BuzzFeed know that, “It means a lot that [Money] feels he and his fam can come through, so I respect them and I want them to be healthy, so I’ve been buying fruit for them.”

But why the name Money? “His name is Money ‘cause I feel like he deserves that name — money makes me happy and he did too.” He makes us happy too. Thanks, Money!

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(h/t Buzzfeed; photo via Getty)