Sometimes it feels impossible to keep up with all the new beauty trends and products coming out. What’s considered to be “in” changes day-by-day, so how can we stay on style, sporting the latest and greatest in beauty, without experimenting with our look too much? When it comes to the classic cat-eye, there’s a new, insanely cool way to sport the classic flick with just half the effort that just might become your new go-to liner look.


The *dotted* eyeliner trend is here, y’all, and it couldn’t be simpler: You dot tiny circles of liner along the lower rims of your eyes to accompany the fierce flick on your top lid. You can opt for just one tiny dot under each eye or continue the dots along the length of your lower lashline — you can really make this look your own. You’ll look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after applying these mini circles because they define your eyes in a subtle, minimalistic way that still totally enhances them — score! Shoutout to the ultimate cool girl Zoë Kravitz for rocking this trend on the red carpet — it gave her look an edgy vibe without taking away any attention from her killer dress. And let’s not forget props to a bunch of Instababes who show us how to rock the look IRL.


This trend is perfect for peeps who want to play around with their makeup: You can use the dotted eyeliner technique with any color your heart desires, so have fun with it (especially during the holidays). Now excuse us as we daydream about all the pretty looks you can achieve with this easy technique.

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(h/t Birchbox; featured photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty; photo via @itsmyrayeraye)