When it comes to cat eye hacks, we’ve seen (+ tried) a LOT in order to try making that covetable flick any easier to DIY. We’ve used everything from spoons, business cards and tape to help trace a straight line from our lids up — heck, we’ve even cut the shape out of magazine and pasted it to our faces to ensure a stellar swoop. Now, a just-launched makeup product is promising to help us learn how to achieve cat eye perfection in a matter of seconds using a similar but much chicer gimmick that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to whip out in front of your girlfriends – especially once you school them with a perfect cat eye just like that. Meet Cat Eye 101 from ABLE Cosmetics.


The brainchild of Dana Rae, an NYC-based makeup artist and former intern for Bobbi Brown (like, not the company, THE Bobbi Brown herself), Cat Eye 101 is an example of how makeup can be reimagined for the modern wearer whose busy schedule won’t get in the way of her #makeupgoals. The tip of the liner cap is what sets this product apart from others. It has a slanted edge that is meant to be used as a guide when you’re drawing the wings of the cat eye, which makes it pretty hard to mess up the look. The slant is the perfect length: It’s not so long that it will cause you to over-line, but it’s also not too short, which would leave your cat eye looking slightly unfinished and could end up closing off your eyes. The liner itself has a marker-like tip that tapers to a fine point, so you can control the thinness or thickness of your line depending on the look you’re going for — go crazy and have fun with it.


If you ask us, Cat Eye 101 could easy become the holy grail of liquid liners because of its smart design and easy-to-follow instructions that will leave you with a perfectly defined, sleek cat eye. You can get your hands on this product now for $48 — a steep price, but consider it a product + professional tutorial in one.

This won’t be the only trick up ABLE Cosmetics’s sleeve — more products will be released in early 2016. New year, new resolutions to up your beauty game.

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(photo via ABLE Cosmetics; video via @ablecosmetics)