Valentine’s Day is just one a month away, and whether you’re planning to spend it with your boo, your BFFs, or flying solo, Target has just the thing to help you get in a super saccharine mood (besides that rosé-flavored cotton candy, of course!). Candy emporium Dylan’s Candy Bar has teamed up with the retail giant to launch an exclusive assortment of goodies perfect anyone with a sweet tooth (*slowly raises hand*).

The line, which marks “the first time Dylan’s Candy Bar has collaborated with a mass retailer to design an edible assortment,” features a slew of limited edition items that are not only tasty, but perfectly giftable besides. Not into sweets? No problem — there’s also plenty of adorbs non-edible items, like heart-covered mugs and even a plushie ice cream cone: Check out the wares below!

1. Social Butterfly Candy Mix ($4): Filled with gummy (you guessed it!) butterflies, Insta-ready rainbow lollipops, and rainbow belts, this little pouch is all sorts of sweet and sour.

2. Hangry Fix Candy Mix ($4): What better way to keep your hangry at bay than with a handful of li’l cola bottles, hamburgers, and fries, all made of confectionary goodness?

3. Strawberry Lollipops With Popping Candy ($2): Let your candy do the talking by telling your Valentine how much they rock with this heart-shaped lollipop full of strawberry-cherry pop rocks.

4. Plush Donut & Ice Cream With Gummy Candy ($10): Treat your loved ones to cuteness overload with this plush ice cream cone that comes with a little bag of goodies besides.

5. Rectangle Tackle Box With Candy ($10): Not sure which candy is your crush’s fave? Buy ’em the whole lot with a sweet assortment of chocolate hearts, rainbow sour bricks, gummy bears, cherry jelly hearts, and more.

6. Love at First Bite Candy Mix ($4): Kick it old school with the classics: cinnamon hearts, red gummy bears, and lots of candy hearts. Aww!

7. Red Velvet Milk Chocolate Bar ($3): Everyone’s favorite ultra-indulgent cake (RED VELVET!) has now been turned into a chocolate bar, and all we can say is YUM (also available in Sweet & Salty)!

8. Super Secret Heart Lollipop ($2): Forget the text messages — this heart lollipop holds a secret message hidden within that’s just for your Valentine and comes in one of 12 (!!) different flavors.

9. Candy Necklace ($2): Perfect for any kiddos on your list (or anyone who loves nostalgia!), this candy necklace proves that some things NEVER go out of style.

10. 3D Heart-Shaped Candy Box ($10): This heart-shaped box comes packed with light and dark pink hearts made of milk chocolate, and yes, it’s totally cool if you want to keep it for yourself.

11. Decal Mug With Assorted Candy ($9): Keep the loving vibes going all year long with this cutie mug that’s filled to the brim with all the milk chocolate and caramel hearts you can handle.

12. Decal Mug With Cocoa ($10): Winter is definitely here, and there’s no better way to warm up than with a hot cup of cocoa… other than a hot cup of cocoa served in a boss mug.

13. Heart Box With Assorted Candy ($8): This sweet assortment of chocolate hearts and pink and red candies comes in a heart-shaped box you can reuse to store your jewelry: It’s a win-win!

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(Photos via Dylan’s Candy Bar)