Make a Two-in-One Place Card Jewelry Dish Holder With This Easter DIY
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Make a Two-in-One Place Card Jewelry Dish Holder With This Easter DIY

If you’re on the (Easter egg) hunt for a unique place setting, look no further. This quick and easy place card is the perfect way to add a bit of DIY to your Easter brunch tablescape. Plus, we’ve taken the guesswork out of sourcing materials for you with our Sculpt A Jewelry Dish Kit from our Brit + Co DIY Kit Collection available at Target (and online at!

The best part about these place cards is that they double as party favors for your guests to take home — in case hosting brunch wasn’t already enough!

And if you’re really in a time crunch, this project takes less than an hour to complete.


  • oven bake clay (white, yellow, pink, blue)
  • gold paint pen
  • rolling pin
  • craft blade
  • wax paper

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Round up your materials and let’s get sculpting!

For this first place card egg, we’ll mix up a sky blue using the white and blue clay blocks. Use the wax paper to protect your table from the oven bake clay (no one likes scraping clay off of tables). Cut off about a half-inch of white clay and a quarter-inch of blue clay. Blend the two pieces together until you no longer see streaks of white.

Roll your newly mixed sky blue clay and a half-inch piece of white clay into logs. Twist them together and roll the combined pieces of clay into a ball.

You can use the rolling pin to flatten the clay ball. Use your fingers to work the clay into an egg shape, pinching the edges upward slightly. Set your egg place card aside.

To make orange, cut about a quarter-inch from the pink block and from the yellow block. blend these two pieces together until the colors are no longer streaky. Roll equal parts orange, pink, and white into logs and combine them into a ball. Repeat the flattening and pinching technique in the previous step.

Explore different blending techniques with your remaining blocks. Bake your egg place cards at 275° for 20 minutes.

Allow your pieces to cool to cool, and then use your paint pen to add a gold rim to the eggs.

Let the paint pen dry completely (about 10 minutes) then set the table!

That’s all it takes to make these place cards! If you’ve purchased our kit, keep the supplies around and DIY the place cards for your next get-together.

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DIY Production/Styling: Marianne Koo

Photography: Brittany Griffin