Ed Sheeran may have bailed on Taylor Swift鈥檚 squad by being a little too friendly with Katy Perry (granted, he鈥檚 not alone, as one of the 鈥淏ad Blood鈥 singer鈥檚 most famous friends just did the same), but there鈥檚 one lady who he鈥檚 TOTALLY committed to, if his chivalrous ways are any indicator. Sheeran鈥檚 girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn (amazing name, BTW), suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction while the two were out on the town and the singer quickly stepped in with a totally swoon-worthy move to save the day.

Ed Sheeran _ performing

We鈥檙e all but shedding a tiny tear over the loss of what appear to be Seaborn鈥檚 $2,000 Christian Louboutin Andaloulou boots, which suffered a snapped heel while she and Sheeran were attending the BRITs afterparty. *Sniffle*

But we鈥檙e also totally swooning over Sheeran鈥檚 reaction to the sitch: Instead of leaving his lady in a tricky, unbalanced state, the gentlemanly musician whipped the sneaks off of his own feet and gave them to his lady love. Leaving in socks while holding his grateful bae鈥檚 hand and carrying her broken boots, we鈥檙e sure this made Seaborn love him even more (we know it makes us adore him an extra smidgen or two!).

And we鈥檙e not alone鈥

Apparently, the Twitterverse is just as enamored with Sheeran鈥檚 kind act. Let鈥檚 hear it for Ed, shall we!?

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(h/t People, photo via Mike Marsland/Getty)