Over the past few weeks, Taylor Swift has been steadily leaking behind-the-scenes footage from her record-breaking 鈥淟ook What You Made Me Do鈥 video. We saw her undergo that mind-blowing zombie transformation, for starters, and also learned how she managed to create that tower of clones. Our favorite 鈥渂ehind-the-scenes鈥 moment, however, is not from Swift, but from her pal Ellen DeGeneres.

The talk show host spoofed the video in all its glory in what she joked was cut footage from the initial shoot. 鈥淚 was in the original. Apparently, she cut me out鈥 She鈥檚 threatened by me sometimes,鈥 DeGeneres told her audience during Friday鈥檚 show.

She didn鈥檛 let it get her down, though, and quipped, 鈥淣ice try, Tay-Tay, 鈥檆ause I got my hands on the real video, and I鈥檓 gonna share it with all of you for the first time.鈥

Without further adieu, the 59-year-old debuted her version of the vid, which features the comedian sitting across from the pop star in that $10 million diamond bath. In the hilarious scene, she shrugs off the 鈥溾eady for It?鈥 singer鈥檚 spiteful lyrics as she mimics her moves and flings jewels out of the bathtub.

She also makes a cameo in the now-infamous phone call scene, cutting to a shot of herself (still in the tub, natch) on the other end of the telephone line, saying, 鈥淗ey Tay-Tay! I have a little question for you!鈥

When the 27-year-old says that she can鈥檛 come to the phone right now, the Finding Dory star is shocked to hear that the old Taylor is dead, asking, 鈥淲ell, then, who am I playing footsie with?鈥

In another scene, she brings her own posse to rival T.Swift鈥檚 lineup of clones in the airplane hangar. 鈥淚 brought my girls too! What鈥檚 up, ladies?鈥 she says, before the screen cuts to her row of doppelgangers: Tipsy Ellen, Karla Kardashian (鈥淪he is a hot mess, I鈥檒l tell you that鈥), Trixie Ellen, Cowboy Ellen, Glamorous Ellen, Magic Michelle Ellen, and last but not least, Twerking Ellen. 鈥淲e out,鈥 she says.

Prior to showing the spoof, DeGeneres issued a challenge to anyone who鈥檚 seen Swift鈥檚 video, which has more than 425 million views on YouTube. She asked everyone who watched the vid to donate $1 to Hand in Hand, a benefit for hurricane relief.

Check out the video in full below.

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(Photos via Kevork Djasezian/Getty Images + The Ellen Show/YouTube)