Ellen DeGeneres totally gave us ALL of the feels with her thank you and goodbye video to Obama, and now, though she says she鈥檚 not usually a political person, she鈥檚 used the plot of her super popular movie, Finding Dory, to perfectly explain why the Muslim ban is wrong.

Ellen and Finding Dory

Claiming that she was NOT in fact getting into the political sitch while chatting with her audience and fans at home, Ellen focused instead on the beloved movie which is totally relevant at the moment 鈥 though you might not at first see how.

If a little one in your life is looking for some clarification on what鈥檚 happening in the country right now (or if you are merely looking for a simple way to understand and break it down for yourself), you really need to check this out.

Finding Dory

Ellen explains that Dory herself lives in Australia, though her parents are in America, and the little fishy and her friends, Marlin and Nemo, face a large wall attempting to keep them out of the Marine Life Institute. 鈥淵ou won鈥檛 believe it,鈥 Ellen says, 鈥淭hat wall has almost no effect on keeping 鈥榚m out.鈥

Ellen goes on to explain that not only are Marlin and Nemo there to help out their friend, but all sorts of animals come to the little fishy鈥檚 aide. 鈥淭he other animals help Dory. Animals that don鈥檛 even need her. Animals that don鈥檛 even have anything in common with her. They help her even though they鈥檙e completely different colors because that鈥檚 what you do when you see someone in need. You help them.鈥

Good point, Ellen. Thanks, Dory and friends!

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(h/t Hello Giggles; photos via Anthony Harvey + Dave J Hogan/Getty, Disney Pixar)