Embroidered patches have made a major comeback, and we’re pumped. We know they’re officially back because the San Francisco music festival Outside Lands included an original patch with every wristband this year. Upon receiving it, the first thought on our minds was, “This is rad, but what do we do with it?” So we brainstormed 10 2015-friendly ways to flaunt the retro accessory instead of letting it collect dust in a drawer.


1. Gussy up your iPad case: Bring some hipster flare to your tech accessories by ironing or super-gluing the patch onto the front. (Image via Clashist)


2. Add an unexpected elbow patch: Rethink the classic sweater elbow patch by adding patches with character instead. (Image via ASOS)


3. Bring back the ’90s backpack: Remember that patch- and pin-covered backpack you had in the ’90s? It’s time to recreate it! (Image via Sugar & Spice)


4. Give your cap an upgrade: Use iron-on adhesive to customize a baseball or bucket hat. How cute would this be with your old Girl Scout badges?! (Image via Vineyard Vines)


5. Go all in: Deck out your denim bottoms with tons of patches for some punk retro vibes. (Images via Marie Claire)


6. Business in the front, party in the back: Make your basic jacket not-so basic by gluing a patch (or two!) on a back panel. (Image via Clashist)


7. Turn it into wall art: Build a pennant out of felt and a wooden dowel to display your favorite patches — and be sure to include those Girl Scout badges you earned way back when. (Image via You Are My Fave)


8. Make a removable pin: Kate of Mr. Kate glued a pin to the back of this patch so that she can wear it with tons of outfits. Genius. (Image via Mr. Kate)


9. Try a custom koozy: Add your Ranger Dave patch to a plain koozy… or make one from scratch. (Image via Tuckington Industries)


10. Retro Pillows FTW: Bring a nostalgic feel to your home decor by ironing it onto a throw pillow. (Image via Alisa Burke)

Do you have any other applications for embroidered patches? Let us know in the comments below!