Emojis are not just for texts and Instagram captions anymore. You can now paint with them, make pumpkins out of them or even wear them as ridiculously expensive, but totally awesome loafers. As these silly icons make their way into the 3D world, it only seems fitting that we incorporate them into our favorite holiday: Halloween! We’ve already shared a few hundred DIY costume ideas with you, but we now have another SUPER easy iconic option — emoji masks!

The company, appropriately named Emoji Masks, has a whole array of the best faces to choose from. You can be heart-eyed, mischievous, super happy or even a pile of poop. You can forget about the elaborate Halloween costume, just sporting normal clothes and popping on a mask will have everyone swooning and posing for pix.

An individual mask is just $5, or you can snag the full cast for $15. Say goodbye to mysterious masquerade balls, folks. We’re seeing all your future masked parties happening in emoji form.

What’s your favorite real life use of emoji? Have you seen any cool products using the cute icons? Share with us in the comments!