What if we told you that to get the most love on Halloween (not to mention the most taps per Instagram snaps) all you have to do is take a dip into your closet (or a trip to American Apparel) for some solid separates and stick with a signature pose or two all night? You would send us some hand clap emoji right now, wouldn鈥檛 you? Well, that would literally be the most perfect response, because we have a definitive list of the emoji that will make the best Halloween costumes this year. Emoji group costumes, emoji couple costumes and definitely an opportunity to show off your dance moves more than once, check out our list of the best emoji Halloween costume ideas.

1. Dancing Girls: If this isn鈥檛 The Couple Costume of 2014, we鈥檙e not sure what will be. Oh, maybe Tight Pants. Just remember, yes, you鈥檙e being topical and adorable, but yes, you鈥檙e also essentially dressing up as a Playboy bunny, the real meaning behind this particular emoticon.

2. Emoji Couples: You may not be ready for the top hat and the veil just yet, but you can still show your love the emoji way.

3. Red Dancer: You鈥檒l have to do that pose all night, but it will be worth it.

4. Monkey See, Monkey Do: Get the friends that rocked the three blind mice back together with this updated creature costume.

5. Blue Shirt Dude: Another bit of inspo from Emoji IRL. LOL, a robin鈥檚 egg blue shirt, a well-crafted triangle headband and a curious look is the only thing you need to nail this.

6. Smiley Faces: Insane props to these girls for going all out with the sandwich board emoji costumes. You could achieve the same look with some yellow face paint or gold makeup and go for a super last minute win.

7. High Five Costume: It really shook us (and Drake) to the core to find out the truth behind the emoji we thought all along were prayer hands. Get in the know, folks, this emoticon represents a high five, making it the ultimate couple costume. Get a friend to go as Drake + tattoo and you鈥檙e SET.

8. Eggplant: A purple dress and a green hat and everyone鈥檚 going to be posing to take pictures with you all day and night. Get your friends involved with other members of the emoji produce section.

9. Cat With Heart Eyes: Yellow is the new black cat this year, just accessorize a pair of golden feline ears with heart sunglasses for a last-minute look that鈥檚 so hot right meow.

10. Party Popper: Every party needs a popper, and that鈥檚 why we invited you! Wear a gold dress with a full skirt, throw confetti all night and we鈥檒l give you all of our fun-size Snickers.

11. Scared Face: White contacts and blue to gold makeup and you鈥檙e proving that you can do scary emoji costumes as well. Bring your Boo along and it鈥檚 a real, textable fright fest.

12. Pile o鈥 Poop: You have to respect someone willing to go there.

13. Dango Emoji: We love a good food costume around here and what better way to update the cupcake or the ice cream getup you鈥檝e gone as before with emoji鈥檚 sweetest treat? Get a friend or SO to go as Oden and how adorable would THAT couple costume be?

14. Pink Shirt Girl: She鈥檚 your go-to gal for sending sassy messages and 鈥渨ho, me?鈥

15. Beer: Dust off the ol lager look to dress up as your favorite way to invite someone out for a cold one. Sure, this has been done before but now it鈥檚 different. It鈥檚 emoji! Go as two for max effect or go as a martini and cheers all night long.

What emoji would YOU be for Halloween? Share below!