You know what鈥檚 cool about pumpkins? They鈥檙e round. You know what鈥檚 cool about emoji? They are also round. Add some yellow spray paint and printable emoji parts, and guess what you have? A funny hybrid of Mr. Potato Head, Internet culture and Halloween. So what are you waiting for? Let鈥檚 check out these DIY Emoji Pumpkins!

It鈥檚 like the Brady Bunch but鈥 emoji pumpkins. As you can see, we got creative with our emoji family. Obvs.

printable emojis (sized to fit a standard pumpkin)

鈥 white card stock

鈥 craft pumpkins

鈥 yellow spray paint

鈥 thumbtacks

鈥 scissors

鈥 exacto knife

鈥 color printer

鈥 hot glue gun

鈥 tape

1. Print out your emoji templates.

2. Use scissors and an exacto knife to cut them out.

3. Spray paint craft pumpkins yellow.

4. Attach emoji pieces using tape or thumbtacks. That鈥檚 it!

This project takes minutes to make. It would be a fun one to do at a pumpkin carving party, sans the carving. Print out your templates. So many silly faces!

Use scissors and an exacto knife to cut each of them out.


Spray paint your pumpkins yellow.

While pumpkins dry, test run a few faces before you hit up your pumpkins.

Ooh yeah, those are looking good.

We want to maintain the interchangeability of our emoji pumpkins, and tape is an easy way to attach and change up as often as you like.

No words for this 鈥 that鈥檚 why there are emoji!

Thumbtacks also do the job pretty well! Hot glue your emoji pieces to thumbtacks and simply press into the pumpkins. The holes are barely noticeable so don鈥檛 worry if you have to adjust once you have everything in place.

We heart these pumpkins.

There are so many fun combinations you can create 鈥 have fun with it!

How are you decorating pumpkins this year? Share your creations with us in the comments below.