As the old saying goes, an emoji is worth a thousand words. These fun and expressive icons have inspired greeting cards, art, and even shoes! And now, prepare to meet the brand-new emoji social network: emojli.

Promising 鈥渘o words. no spam. just emoji.鈥 this forthcoming app will let you message your friends using only your emoji keyboard. The simplicity of the app kind of reminds us of the new app Yo (which lets you just send a 鈥測o鈥 message to any of your contacts), but way, way more useful.

If you鈥檙e anything like us, you鈥檙e having text convos like this already, so why not get a dedicated app for it? Simple and silly messages are way more fun when you have to spell them out using emojis 鈥 and see if your friends can decipher them. Besides, it鈥檒l definitely up the difficulty on emoji karaoke ;)

Dying to sign up? While the app hasn鈥檛 launched yet, you should probably snag your username now. The one catch? Your username can only contain emojis! Go ahead and register before your genius emoji name is taken.

We鈥檙e not tooootally sold on this app yet, but we鈥檙e definitely gonna give it a try when it launches. What about you? Talk to us in the comments below.