This week in a closer look at What’s App-ening on our phones here at Brit + Co, we have some downloads that will really upgrade your life. Put these five newbies in your back pocket and you might see… a serious spark of creativity! A much-improved lunch break! More cash in your bank account! More love from your buds! Don’t believe me? Keep reading. There are five (FINE, six) good reasons why you should never doubt us when it comes to awesome app happenings.

1. OkDoThis: If you can handle taking orders from your phone without feeling like a drone (it’s cool, robots are getting better than us at things anyway) this is an app you should download and listen to. Now. OkDoThis is connected to a community of people sharing photos from around the world, but don’t expect to see streams of selfies. This app aims to inspire your creativity by giving you photo challenges and a “to do” list of what to take pictures of + photographers to follow. Can it be — a photo sharing app to conquer our love of Instagram?! Try it out this weekend and tell us what you think!

Cost: Free for iOS

2. Walkonomics: Next time you know you’ll have a few minutes to kill while you wait to meet up with a friend or a lunch break that you want to fit some errands into, make sure this app is downloaded to your phone. Open it up and enter your location and how much time you have. Walkonomics will tell you what your five-minute window options are. Use it on a much grander scale like Yelp for Streets — scope out a new neighborhood, street or city with ratings on road safety, incline, crime and general ambiance. Yes, streets can have ambiance and this app proves it.

Cost: Free for Android and iOS

3. HouseTab: As a recent NYC-to-SF ex-pat, I FOMO every weekend while my friends on the East Coast toast each other over unbeatable bagels, delicious pizza (sorry, West Coast — at least we’ll always have cheaper avocados) and swap stories about how much they miss me. With HouseTab, I can join the party and buy them a pitcher and then they can send me a vodka soda from across the country. The app lets you send and receive drinks anytime, anywhere. You can also use it to say “cheers” to that hottie across the bar. You know, ‘cause you miss your friends and are all lonely and stuff.

Cost: Free for iOS

4. eBay Valet: We all have STUFF we need to do something with and while eBay is an obvious option, doing the dirty work of hawking your wares on the web might not be in your top five weekend projects. This weekend or ever. No judgment here, and actually… how about a solution instead! The new eBay Valet app will estimate what your goodies are worth, send you a box or a prepaid label so you can ship them to a “valet” who will sell them for you. Then you cash in on 70% of whatever they sell them for. Cha-ching.

Cost: Downloading the app for iOS is free + the service is free, valets just pocket 30% of the sale

5. Path Talk: Our friends at Path have entered the “what’s up?!” game in a big way with their own private messaging app and a whole new, taco sticker-filled way to stay connected to friends. Forget texts, use Talk to share music, movies, books, maps and sure, how about some pics and videos. You can even use it to give your buds a ring! If privacy is your concern, Path has you covered with self-destructing messages that are deleted from your stream and their servers after 24 hours.

Cost: Free for Android and iOS

BONUS:Yo: Call me a little lemming, but I couldn’t go a whole week without uttering the two-letter word, one-word app taking our nation by storm. ICYMI, Yo is a new app that does one thing: message people “Yo.” It’s as simple as that because sometimes you just don’t need anything more complicated. Plus, it’s beating Facebook’s Slingshot in the App Store in terms of download numbers. WHAT? Yup. Fact.

Cost: Free for iOS/priceless

What apps did YOU download this week? Give us the DL down below and see you next week! And all through the week for more!