When we first heard about the new app called Yo that did nothing but send “Yo” to fellow Yo users, we were like, “Yo… what?” We know, yo — um, you, too. But then, in the last week, over one million of us downloaded it and started using it. So looks like the Yo-ke’s on us.

Just like Snapchat is all grown up from its initial “just for kids” status, Yo has the power to take its one word function down the heavily trodden paths our text and messaging habits already take us. Its immediate success surely lies in its simplicity — while we may arm ourselves with wearables and gadgets and apps, at the end of the day, our smartphone is still our main confidant and one that passes us notes filled with mostly the essentials. If we were playing Family Feud and the category was “what we use our phones for,” we would buzz in and say, “Texting! Emails! Instagram! Google Maps! Snapchat/Tinder/Facebook/Twitter/Other!” The buzzer would go off and dollar bills would rain from the ceiling. And our 200 other, neglected apps would grow another virtual cobweb. As Yo plans to expand their two-letter notifications to businesses, we have six different areas of our lives that would be improved with a simple, well-timed Yo:

1. Your Ride Is Here: No need to stare at a little car aimlessly doing donuts on a map, “Your Uber is arriving now” or whatever taxi-type app you use can easily replace its pick-up notification with a Yo.

2. Restaurants: A Yo from yo’ neighborhood watering hole/coffee shop/take out spot could mean many things: Your table is ready! Your latte is served! There’s no wait for a table right now! A national chain could capitalize on in-your-pocket advertising with a Yo when you might need them most. Think… it’s Saturday at 2am and you’re starving from all that dancing-up-a-storm you did for the last four hours. A perfectly-placed Yo from Taco Bell is a cravings alert waiting to be opened. It’s 3pm and you’re losing focus at your desk — but wait! It’s a Yo from Starbucks. I suppose I could yo for a cappucin-yo right about now…

3. Shopping: Imagine getting a nudge from Anthropologie when that dress you’ve been coveting goes on sale, without having to sign up for their newsletter or make any human contact whatsoever. (Kidding but not kidding.) You could pop into a store, scan the item you like and get a Yo if the price drops. Instead of missing your favorite store’s semi-annual sale, get a Yo when it’s time to replenish your wardrobe on the cheap.

4. Brit + Yo: Guys, we post a lot of content everyday. What if you could set up little Yo alerts to say “hey” whenever we post something in a category you can’t get enough of?! We suppose this could work for all of your favorite sites, apps, publications etc, but we would like it to start with us.

5. Banks: Get a Yo when it’s time to pay up, whether bills, student loans, rent or dough you owe to a friend.

6. TV Shows: Never forget to set your DVR again with little nudges that remind you when your favorite shows are premiering or all-new.

We could do this for days but, like the app, we’ll keep it short and sweet.

Did you download Yo this weekend? What business or function would you replace with a Yo? Share below, yo!

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