How do you commemorate an epic 600-day motorcycle journey around the world? With the world’s most epic selfie, of course! If you were impressed with what Ellen pulled off at the Oscars, just wait until you see this.

Adventure motorcyclist Alex Chacón rode over 125,000 miles with his GoPro camera in tow, documenting his trip and raising awareness for the Children of Uganda charity. Although he’s not the only one to create a worldwide selfie video, he has a unique technique. Using what he calls his “monopod GoPro invention” (which looks to us like a GoPro taped to a monopod attached to a walking stick, but may be more high tech than that), he’s able to get enough distance away from the camera to capture both himself and fantastic scenery in the frame. Then he shoots video while walking around the camera — or riding or ziplining or jumping off a bridge. Seriously, this guy has no fear.

Alex’s route wound throughout the Americas, Europe, South Asia and part of the Arabian Peninsula. He shot video of himself at the Taj Mahal, Monument Valley, the Mayan pyramids in Chichen Itza, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, in deserts, in jungles and underwater. All these little clips, set to Tim McMorrison’s catchy “A Beautiful Life,” combine into a selfie like you’ve never seen before. (Sorry, Ellen!)

Now you’re ready to set off on your own epic adventure — or at least to start taking more epic selfies! Why not start this weekend?! Use the video above as inspo to document your own adventures. Even if they’re more like BBQ and picnic hopping than country hopping…

What location would you pick for your own epic selfie?

(h/t CNET)