Getting a cold is one of those inevitable winter rites of passage, like binge watching House of Cards the first two days of March and pretending to care about football at the end of January (okay, so maybe some of us bleed NFL colors). When you鈥檙e feeling sorta icky, but not bad enough to need to lay around in bed all day, sometimes popping a couple DayQuil can make you feel worse than your actual symptoms. What do they put in that stuff, anyway? If you鈥檙e down for some more natural relief and you鈥檝e already tried tea, try stocking your medicine cabinet with a few bottles of essential oils for a DIY cold remedy the next time you鈥檙e feeling 鈥渆h.鈥


1. Congestion: First, you can鈥檛 stop with the tissues鈥 then suddenly everything stops and you can鈥檛 breathe! To help clear your passageways, make your own chest balm. Add a few drops of peppermint or tea tree oil to some coconut oil and spread it over your chest and under your nose for instant relief.


2. Cough: Eucalyptus oil has incredibly anti-inflammatory properties that will help soothe your agitated passageways. Massage a few drops into the soles of your feet and cover with socks or add to a humidifier near your bed while you sleep!


3. Sore Throat: Is there anything worse than being so painfully aware of swallowing when you have a sore throat? To help ease the pain, try adding oregano oil to warm water and gargling for a minute a few times throughout the day. Oregano has incredible anti-viral properties that will help rid your body of germs quickly.


4. Fever: If you鈥檙e feeling a bit hot and bothered, pour a mixture of chamomile, tea tree and lemon oils into a lukewarm bath. The oils鈥 properties will promote circulation (and thus warm up your body) and a bit of (good) sweating, so you can break your fever naturally and quickly.


5. Restless sleep: Managing a cold while you鈥檙e up and awake is one thing, but trying to deal with a runny nose or cough once it鈥檚 time for bed can be a real challenge. Try mixing a few drops of lavender essential oil with water in a spray bottle and spritz over your pillow at night. The calming effects should have you off to dreamland in no time.

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