The holiday season is jam-packed with activities. In between the crunchtime at the office, endless dinner parties and office gift exchanges galore, it’s hard to knock everything off of your holiday to do list. To help you become a more efficient holiday hostess the year, skip the hand-written invites, adorned with potentially illegible script. We know your holiday party is approaching faster than you can take our online class. Impress your besties with creative invitations that none of them could ever RSVP “no” to!


Exactly how can you create digital holiday invites that get starred in your friend’s inboxes? Glad you asked ;) We teamed up with Evite and created 5 festive, customizable AND FREE templates for you to play with to make sure no one ignores your request for party response. You could say we’re little elves helping you efficiently cross off that holiday to-do list of yours, but you don’t *have* to.

To help you plan a holiday party that will go down in history simply choose from one of our five adorable templates (packed with holiday cheer galore, of course), like this Christmas Cheer-themed one, then customize it with all of your own details. You know, the when and the where. Oh, and what alcoholic beverages and sweet indulgences to bring, of course ;) Best part is you can DL and send your beautiful invite via email for efficient invite and response-time!

holiday party

Head over to Evite now to download our free designs (yep, you heard right!) and get busy inviting. Now all that’s left on your party planning checklist is crafting a show-stopping menu and picking wrapping paper for your white elephant gift exchange. Happy planning!

Will you be sending out holiday party invites this year? Let us know in the comments.