Since we’re sensible ladies, we like to save money when we travel. But that can be tricky to do when it comes to flights. The prices for plane tickets can fluctuate more than 70 times while they’re for sale, making it nearly impossible to know whether or not we’re getting the best price. We can’t all afford (actually, can anyone afford?) a $43,000 seat on a flight. We’ve tried all the travel hacks for finding the best prices, but we might have finally found the definitive answer for getting the cheapest flights. Book 47 days out, and you might get lucky.

We know what you’re thinking. “47 days? That’s oddly specific.” Well, yes, yes it is. But CheapAir conducted a study, tracking nearly five million flights last year to determine what exactly was the best time to book tickets. They found that when you jumped on board seven weeks in advance, you could save an average of $201. If you’re flexible and looking to save even more money, CheapAir says to fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday. If 47 days is a little too specific for you, they also say booking any time between one and four months in advance will still save you some money.

So definitely don’t wait until the last minute to purchase your plane tickets. But don’t book your flight as soon as it goes on sale either, when prices are about $50 above their absolute lowest. Basically, buying a plane ticket is an art, and those who master it will save the big bucks.

Will you be booking your spring break flights ASAP now that you know the trick? Let us know in the comments!

(h/t via Thrillist, David Ramos/Getty Images)