We’ve all been there. We head to the grocery store or your own delicious garden, pick up some healthy fruit and vegetables only to lose track of them in the refrigerator. Somehow, they manage to roll around and get bruised or they’re hidden down in the crisper — out of sight, out of mind. Fortunately, an innovative new product puts these foods front and center: The Fabrack is a hanging organizer that keeps produce visible and protected.

Hanging storage is such a success in your closet, so it makes total sense that the concept would make its way to the always-cluttered fridge. The geometric diamond pattern of the food hammock features five small pockets that cradle smaller produce like peppers and apples (or even wine!), and one large pocket perfect for heads of lettuce and other larger items. It’s made of a poly/cotton twill that makes the Fabrack strong, breathable and machine washable. Safe and snug, your happy fruits and vegetables will be visible and no longer forgotten. No more bruised peaches!

The Fabrack can expand and collapse just like an accordion to accommodate as many or as few items as you need. So when you’re throwing a fiesta, your Fabrack can fold neatly to the side as you use up your avocados, tomatillos + jalapeños in your famous guac and make room for larger items like margarita mix :)

There is still 16 days left to support the Fabrack creators via their Kickstarter campaign. Ensure the organizer is headed straight to your fridge with a pledge of $38 or more — it may seem a little pricey, but worth it to make sure your fresh fare (and the $$ spent on it all) doesn’t accidentally go to waste.

Do you lose a lot of produce in your fridge? Let us know in the comments if you’ll be using a Fabrack to protect your produce.