One of the best things about fall is switching over your closet to sweaters and boots. Why not take advantage of the wardrobe change to do a little closet organization. We’ve rounded up 13 of our favorite products and DIY ideas to help you get and stay organized.

1. Shoe Wheel ($71): Keep your kicks organized with this spinning wheel. You’ll always be able to get to your favorite pair with a quick turn.

2. Little Black Dress Jewelry Organizer ($28): If you don’t want your jewelry on display, camouflage it in your closet with this hanging organizer made to look like a little black dress.

3. OXO Double Flip-In Hamper ($60): If you have enough space on your closet floor for a hamper, go for this double sided one. Not only does it subtly mark which side is for light and which is for dark, it also hides your dirty laundry.

4. Bump Be Gone Hangers ($30-$35): Prevent dimples in the shoulders of your sweaters with these hangers. They remind us of pool noodles!

5. Store Bangles on a Paper Towel Holder: It’s easy to install a paper towel holder inside your closet door, and your bracelets will stay perfectly in line. (via Brit + Co.)

6. Picture Rail Shoe Wall: Picture rails or decorative molding are the perfect solutions for hanging high-heeled shoe on your wall. Plus it makes it easy to find the pair you’re looking for! (via Martha Stewart)

7. Over the Door Boot Organizer ($30): Keep your fall boot collection organized and in shape with this rack.

8. Clothing Dividers:Ideal for kids’ clothes, this labeling system can also be adapted to your closet. Mark off which section contains blouses and which one houses sweaters or separate by season—whichever works best for you. (via Park Avenue)

9. Axis Scarf Hanger ($9): Yes, it looks silly, but this bubble hanger is the easiest way to store scarves and belts.

10. Lighted Revolving Tie Rack ($25): Go high-tech in your closet organizing with this belt and tie rack. It’s a classic!

11. Vintage Wire Baskets: Hang up these lightweight baskets inside your closet to serve as a catchall for those odds and ends that don’t have a home.(via The Lovely Cupboard)

12. Purse Organizer ($20): Don’t damage your handbags by leaving them hanging on hooks. Instead use this hanging organizer that straps them in gently with elastic bands.

13. Wooden Bungee Organizer: Stash everything from scarves to sunglasses on this wooden wall organizer. (via Brit + Co.)

How do you keep your closet organized? Tell us in the comments!