Let’s face it –- we all have a lot of knick knacks. So why not create a trio of cute carry-alls to hold all of our stuff that has no real place in our home? These fabric baskets can also double as quick snack packs. Throw in some dry snacks for your kiddo to munch on while you’re finishing your run-around-the-house to-do list ;) Don’t worry if it gets messy — toss them in the washing machine and they’re as good as new.


– fabric


– sewing machine

– ruler

– pen

– scissors

– sewing pins

 1. Cut out two nine-inch squares from your desired fabric.

2. Sew almost all the way around the square, flip right-side out, and then sew up the final seam.

3. Pinch the sides together. Use a bowl to help measure the depth of your carry-all.

4. Sew a vertical line where you placed your pin to create a triangle shape.

5. Flatten the triangle and sew down the center to create corner details.

6. Done and done. A tisket, a tasket, a trio of nesting baskets!


You can pick any trio of fabrics you like — we went with a cheerful, springy vibe.


Why make one when you can make three? We made three squares that measured six inches, nine inches and twelve inches.


Sew around almost all of the square and then turn right-side out. Sew the last edge to complete the square.


Pinch the sides and pin. Use a bowl to help measure the desired depth of your fabric basket.


Sew a vertical line where you marked your pin. Flatten this section and sew another vertical down the center.


Wait — was it that easy? YES.


Nesting baskets for all those miscellaneous things.


Leave these babies near your front door so you always know where your keys are.


These can also hold snacks! Since they’re made of fabric, you can wash and reuse. Just keep it to dry goods like muffins, trail mix or home made bread.


Could you use these nesting baskets in your home? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!