If your desk is anything like ours, we’ll bet that, despite your best intentions, it ends up covered with a miscellaneous array of Post-it notes, sticky tabs and colored paper as the day goes on. Sound familiar? Not to worry, we think we finally found a solution in one of our favorite forms: office supplies.

You may have heard of Passion Planner before. Angela Trinidad, the creator, released a large, desk-sized planner on Kickstarter a few months back. After the success of her project, she’s created a notebook-sized version for people on the go, just like us.

The planner measures 5.5 by 8.5 inches and is printed on super high-quality recycled paper. A soft and chic leather case covers the entire book, with an elastic to tie it together.

The “Planner” part is simple; monthly and weekly layouts run from January through December 2015 to keep you organized the good old-fashioned paper way. Look at that color-coordinated highlighting — anyone else running to dib the marker color scheme of your choice?!

It’s the “Passion” part of this project that really has us excited. This planner knows you have more to balance than just your happy hours for the week. It encourages you to map out your short and long term, even lifetime goals. At the end of each month, a check-in reflection question gets you thinking about your progress toward them, your areas for improvement and what you should already be grateful for having accomplished.

For anyone who is looking for the secret to perfect work-life-dream life balance, this may be one of the keys — shh ;) It will at least help you stay super organized and check in with your needs beyond your 9-to-5. The Kickstarter goal for this project of $10,000 has already been reached five times over, and a pledge of $25 will nab you your own Passion Planner by the end of 2014. Because Angela REALLY wants you to live those dreams you’re ready to jot down, a free version is available on her site. Amaze.

So tell us, are you ready to use this awesome planner? What dreams are you planning to write down? Share below and inspire us all!