With the new year comes new resolutions for our health, our jobs and perhaps most difficult of all, staying organized. The daunting task of cleaning, giving away and storing is sometimes too big a project to tackle, which means another year of living in clutter and chaos.

We say, no more! So we’ve found the top tips from all around the web to help you get a jumpstart on your organization and cleaning. Just make sure to send us before and after photos; we’re sure the end results will be simply stunning.

1. Hanging Notepad: Here’s a simple, boho way to display all your notes and reminders, without cluttering your tasks with tons of Post-It notes. (via Design Sponge)

2. IKEA Laundry Cart: Hack a crazy cheap IKEA rolling cart into a catch-all for laundry and cleaning supplies. You can wheel it around the house to keep everything close by as you work. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

3. Box Earring Organizer: Take control of your jewelry collection once and for all by using old boxes (shoeboxes or packs from BirchBox work great) to keep everything in one place. (via Smart N Snazzy)

4. Magazine and File Holders: Keep your papers neat and stylish with this easy and crazy cheap DIY. (via View from the Fridge)

5. Scarf Hanger: Use an old clothes hanger to keep scarves from getting tangled and knotty, while also saving on closet space. (via Everyday Dishes)

6. Hook Bar: We love the idea of using kitchen pulls and hardware as hooks! Keep this in your entryway for keys, hats, jackets, scarves… EVERYTHING. (via Brit + Co)

7. Tic Tac Bobby Pin Holder: Always losing track of bobby pins? Not anymore, thanks to this adorable catch-all for storing all those pesky little accessories. (via Lovely Indeed)

8. Colored Keys: Use nail polish or paint to color the tops of keys and never get confused over which one opens your mailbox or your front door again! (via Pop Sugar)

9. Key Tassels: While we’re on the topic of keys, these brightly colored tassels are also a great way to find your set while you’re digging through your bag. (via Design Sponge)

10. Washi Tape Cord Organizers: Whoever the genius is that came up with using colored tape to designate the tangle of cords under our desks, thank you. Thank you so much. (via Landee Lu)

11. Color Coded Jars: Paint from the same color palate adds continuity, while a splash of blackboard paint in the middle lets you use and reuse over and over, even if the contents of the jar change. (via Forrent)

12. Cabinet Redo: Take the IKEA Trones shoe cabinet and use it instead as a pretty entryway storage solution. (via Plywood and Peers)

13. Tidied Tights: Finally! A way to organize our giant collection of tights and leggings that looks gorgeous and doesn’t clutter up drawers. (via Lana Red)

14. DIY Mail Organizer: Get the mail station you’ve always wanted, conveniently easy to place anywhere you like, for under $30. (via Brit + Co)

15. Jewelry Holder: This is more than just a way to organize long-hanging jewelry like bracelets and necklaces. It’s also a stunning piece of artwork to brighten up your bedroom walls. (via Brit + C0)

16. Cork Placemat Board: Bring your Pinterest to life with this easy project, made even easier with these IKEA cork panels. (via Infarrantly Creative)

17. Use Shelf Dividers: This is more a general tip than a project or DIY. Find whatever works for you, be it boxes, cardboard panels or proper wooden dividers, and use them to manage the clutter into smaller chunks. (via Brit + Co)

18. Stack Racks: On the topic of organizing shelves, try using a magazine rack or desk organizer to stack your pans neatly into the limited space you have in your cupboards. (via I Heart Organizing)

19. Compartmentalize Drawers: Use pretty boxes (we love the fabric ones pictured above) to keep like with like and organize clothes into neat, square piles. (via Girl Versus Dough)

20. Jars, Jars, Jars: We can’t say it enough! Display food in clearly labeled jars to keep organized and have an awesomely unique looking kitchen. (via Brit + Co)

21. Ultimate Shoe Display: You probably already know of an IKEA Lack table hack or two, but this one rocks for ingenuity. (via Mi Llave Allen)

22. Wall Storage Crates: This is the perfect solution to creating more storage in a mud room or entryway; the rugged look can be tamed with some bright pops of color. (via Decor Hacks)

23. Ring Holder: Before you waste another second searching for those midi rings among your statement necklaces, arm candy and ear cuffs, try this simple project. (via Brit + Co)

24. Play Pegboard: Try storing plates in low drawers rather than high cabinets. Using pegboard inserts and wooden pegs will help keep everything in place. (via BHG)

25. Magnetic Spice Jars: Store your spices within reach by outfitting them with magnets and keeping them on your fridge door. This takes fridge magnets to an entirely new level. (via One Lucky Pickle)

26. Mod Modulars: Boxes, clips and some pretty samples of paint are all you need to make this modern, designer-inspired piece of living room art that doubles as storage. (via Bright Bazaar)

27. Clip Organizer: And seeing as clips are so incredibly helpful at keeping you organized, go ahead and create this little guy to keep all of your reminders right in front of your face. (via Brit + Co)

28. Keep Sheets Together: Store sheets in their corresponding pillowcases to avoid confusion and taking up unnecessary space. Put them in baskets to act as space dividers. (via Brit + Co)

29. Recycled Leather and Wood Shelf: Bring some industrial chic style into your apartment while also creating more storage with this easy DIY. (via Design Sponge)

30. Keep Glasses Where You Can See Them: Store all your pairs on a hanger that’s easily accessed and seen in your closet. It will make picking out your glasses or sunglasses in the morning much easier. (via Brit + Co)

31. Start Hanging: Need to store your pots but simply don’t have enough room? If you aren’t a renter, hanging them from the ceiling is a great solution that won’t take up too much of your redesign budget. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

32. Artsy Canisters: Use any cans you can find (old soup cans, tin cans or straw dispensers work beautifully) to store craft supplies neatly. Vintage cans could add a super cute vibe as well. (via Brit + Co)

33. Drawer Dividers and VELCRO: Keep utensils and supplies in their place by enforcing strict rules thanks to drawer dividers and a little VELCRO action. (via Brit + Co)

34. Clip-On Desk Organizers: No matter what you’re trying to contain, you don’t want to take up valuable tabletop real estate. A pretty box to hold all your remotes, video game consoles, plants and pencils is just the simple organizing tool your living room or desk needs. (via Brit + Co)

35. Expedit Bar: This project isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you love your drinks and want to keep everything looking sleek in your digs, then we definitely recommend giving it a try. (via IKEA Hackers)

36. Slouchy Storage Bins: The beauty of this easy DIY is that all those magazines that were once a mess now look gorgeous in this leather and black and white striped bin. (via Brit + Co)

37. Use ALL Your Space: Make sure you’re making the most of your cupboard space by using stands or trays to separate dishes and plates, stacking things all the way to the top in a neat and orderly way. (via Brit + Co)

38. Work the Closet: Extra closets are a blessing not to be taken lightly, and we’re not just talking about storing clothes. Hack a small closet into an open desk for privacy and smart space usage. (via Remodelaholic)

39. Cable Management: These little guys help you keep cables organized and look adorable while doing it. Bonus points for also helping you avoid tangles. (via Houzz)

40. Mark Your Jars: Use these old-timey decals to label jars for holding onto bulk items like flour and sugar. Then you can display them proudly on the counter, rather than using up precious cupboard space. (via The Painted Hive)

41. Get Creative With Furniture: A perfect centerpiece can also be a secret storage powerhouse, like this DIY hack clearly demonstrates. (via Just Laine)

42. Give Decor Double Duty: The same can be said for pretty accessories around your house; this stepladder also doubles as awesome storage for things you want to display like scarves or blankets. (via Urban Outfitters)

43. Ditch Desk Clutter: Get all that paper off of your desk while showing some home state pride. (via Brit + Co)

44. Storage Ottoman: If you want a hefty ottoman in your living room as a pretty centerpiece, make sure it can double up as storage space. Magazines, blankets, slippers, and remotes can all go inside. (via Sun Pan)

45. Stack Vertically: Stack flat items like platters, plates and cutting boards vertically to save on space and make it easy to find them later. (via Martha Stewart)

46. Wine Storage: We all know your wine collection is one of the most important parts of your home. So display it proudly with this hack that gives you extra storage without extra cost. (via Brit + Co)

47. Triangular Wall Caddy: Another solution if you’re short on space is to turn a simple cardboard into stunning wall art, then use it to store all of your odds and ends. (via Brit + Co)

48. Keep Recipes Together: Whether you’re protecting your grandmother’s secret recipes or taking notes on your favorites to pass down to your kids, keep them all together in this stylish box, and never worry about losing them in a drawer again. (via Paper Source)

49. Modern Hanging Shelf: An industrial hanging shelf with plenty of space is the perfect addition to a cluttered living room. (via Brit + Co)

50: Vertical Garden: Make use of the wall space on the sides of your sink or around a window and save precious counter space with this simple DIY to store all your herbs visibly and neatly. (via Brit + Co)

51. Side Table Bookshelf: Books are nice to have but hard to find places to tuck away. But a neat system of repurposed palettes like this one will help you keep things at least under some kind of control. (via Brit + Co)

52. Elevate Your Bike: Bike storage doesn’t have to mean just leaning it against the wall. This easy bike rack lets you store your cruiser without scuffing the walls. (via Public Bikes)

53. Style Your Laundry: If your clothes are dirty, that’s still no excuse for them to dirty up your entire room. This neat and clean laundry basket keeps clutter out of sight and still looks great in your room. (via Brit + Co)

54. Dowel Clouds: If you have wood left over or simply want a pretty wooden accessory that doesn’t break the bank, this easy project is just the trick. (via Design Love Fest)

55. Get Playful: The most important rule of organizing is have fun and be creative! This adorable donkey desk organizer embodies that belief in the cutest way. (via Fab)

56. Go Vertical: Use your extra wall space to your advantage by hacking this double duty storage and artwork piece. Plants fill some of the utensil holders while the others are used for more practical purposes. (via A Beautiful Mess)

57. Bring Drawers to Life: Don’t toss your old dresser! Take it apart and turn the drawers into gorgeous wooden storage accessories, perfect for a hallway or bedroom. (via 2nd Funniest Thing)

58. Try a Modern Twist: Using the same basic principles as the project above, this modern art interpretation makes use of an old table or cart you may have on hand for an insanely awesome place to store all your liquor, glasses and cocktail accessories. (via Brit + Co)

59. Wall Hangers: Take your VELCRO obsession even further with these pretty wall hangers, perfect for storing odds and ends in your bedroom or office. (via Brit + Co)

60. Corner Rope Shelves: These ingenious shelves use up that peskily difficult corner space and keep you from spending too much thanks to an easy DIY using hardware store items. (via Honey Bear Lane)

What are your most useful organization tips? Have any other DIY projects to share to manage clutter? Tell us in the comments below!