After years of requests for a “dislike” button on Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally made dreams come true when he announced a new feature is in the works that will allow users to express empathy. After all, “Not every moment is a good moment,” Zuckerberg said in a recent Q+A session. But now — to no surprise — scams have surfaced that promise early access to Facebook’s thumbs down.

Facebook image

According to HackRead, links are circulating with headlines such as “Get newly introduced Facebook dislike button on your profile.” The description says it’s by invite-only and can only be activated by clicking on the link, which then takes the user to a malicious website.

The scam gains steam when those links are shared on timelines and in Facebook messages. It also asks users to fill out surveys, and in the process, asks for personal and account information. What’s worse is, some of these links may also install malware on your computer, Hackread says. The bottom line? Don’t fall for it. None of these links are legit, and you’ll definitely know when Facebook finally rolls out its dislike feature.

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