Taking the time to slather on a face mask isn’t always in the cards. In fact, let’s be honest: A dedicated skincare routine takes time, and it’s totally understandable to have a few nights (and mornings, TBH) where you just can’t be bothered. This is when double-duty beauty products come into play. Cleansers that also moonlight as face masks save you time, money, and an extra step. Here are six of our fave face washes that also work wonderfully as treatments.

1. PUR Joystick Exfoliating Deep-Pore Cleanser ($26): This exfoliating stick cleanser is perfect for someone who’s looking to thoroughly cleanse their skin but is short on time. Massage the jam-packed stick over your face to eliminate dirt and grime, but leave the lather on for a couple of minutes to let it work its magic as a mask. Moroccan lava clay and charcoal clear up congested skin (AKA breakouts), making it an essential if you’re prone to acne.

2. Savannah Bee Charcoal, Propolis, and Volcanic Ash Cleanser ($13): If you’re after a souped-up solution that goes in for a deep clean, this is it! You can thank activated charcoal powder, volcanic ash, kaolin clay, and honey for eliminating dirt and makeup and reducing breakouts. Leave the black cleanser on your face for one minute as a mask to pull out even more impurities.

3. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Color Smart Cleanser & Mask ($28): This face wash/mask actually changes color on the areas that need extra scrubbing. Massage the citrus-scented formula onto your skin to clear it of oil and makeup, but use it as a mask, and it’ll brighten, clarify, and plump everything up.

4. Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask ($8): Wash your face as normal with the benzoyl peroxide-boosted cleanser or let it sit as a mask for extra oil prevention.

5. Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Foam Cleanser/Purifying Mask ($25): Slather this gentle but effective product onto your face for the rich foam to de-gunk your complexion. Or apply for three minutes and you’ve got a mask that purifies your skin, leaving it clear and totally pristine but never overly dry.

6. Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask ($62): FYI: You’re really getting three products in one with this all-star skin treatment. The Umbrian clay is a versatile ingredient that works wonders on purifying congested skin in the form of a mask or a targeted spot treatment (you can even leave it on overnight for serious breakout-busting). For a more gentle approach, turn to this product as your daily purifier — it’ll eliminate oil, dirt, makeup, and product build-up from deep within your pores.

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