Skincare and skincare routines can be really confusing. Should you moisturize in the morning, at night, or both? What kinds of beauty treatments are best for your skin… what’s a “skin type” anyway? French company Wired Beauty is taking a unique — and crazy-looking — approach to helping consumers better understand their skin using MAPO, a mask that’s part sheet mask, part smart device. Yes, a Phantom-style smart gadget *for your face* might be your new essential beauty tool, giving you a detailed read on your skin’s condition plus recommendations on how to fix any skin issues in just one minute.

Called MAPO, the connected mask takes the place of your dermatologist appointment. Slip on the mask and within one minute you can receive data from its sensors about your skin’s moisture level and condition. It syncs to a companion smartphone app, La Clinique Digitale, which gives skincare recommendations to you based on your read, like what routine is right for you or what products to use to improve or adjust your skin’s moisture levels. It also acts as a social media network for fellow users and beauty buffs to share their stories and skincare finds, as well as connects you to a network of skincare experts.

The battery-powered mask isn’t strictly designed to gather data (which syncs to your phone via Bluetooth). It contains heating zones that can warm up to 104 degrees F to help the products you choose better penetrate your skin. That means using MAPO to stay on top of your skin’s hydration levels, understand what products are best for your skin type and boost the efficiency of your skincare products could mean less itching, acne, skin roughness and prevent signs of premature aging — a godsend year round, but especially during those tricky transitional months.

In this case, Kickstarter rewards are quite unique. A pledge of $5 gets you in on the app, which allows you to take a photo and create a 3D read of your face, connect with other users and browse their recommendations. For $99 you can try the mask itself and gather data on your skin for two months, with the option to extend this service for a monthly fee. Pledge $218 and you’ll get to keep the mask forever — jump in now, and you can receive a high-tech mask of your very own by June 2016. If you’re really feeling fancy, make the leap to the $547 level, and you can actually spend a WEEKEND IN PARIS participating in a beauty event, staying at a five-star hotel and meeting with the Wired Beauty team. Oui, mademoiselle!

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