Dax Shepard (AKA ½ of what may be the cutest matching couple ever) and #dadgoals actor Ashton Kutcher are no strangers to the element of surprise, especially when it comes to their wives — check out this 2005 throwback of Ashton punking Mila, and who could forget the time Dax caused Kristen’s epic sloth meltdown?

The pair teamed up on Ellen yesterday to once again astonish their lady loves (appearing together to promote their new flick, Bad Moms), first with a sweet video message and then by unexpectedly joining them onstage (with flowers!) for what quickly turned into what may have been the best game of “Never Have I Ever” we’ve ever seen.

k + dax

Ellen got right down to business, asking the couples the hard questions, (“have you ever hooked up on set?”), and some of their answers? Just may shock you! Read on below to see just what bombshells the couples revealed.

1. Neither couple has ever been to a nude beach. “Sorry, guys — this Hollywood lifestyle’s not as exciting as it’s advertised,” Dax said.

2. All four have swapped toothbrushes with their sig others. “I don’t know that we HAVE separate toothbrushes,” Dax quipped.

3. BOTH pairs of lovebirds have (gasp!) hooked up on set. Oh yes, dear readers. Oh yes!

4. Both couples have *probably* not “fallen asleep while making love.” Kristen seemed ever-so-slightly confused about this one.


5. They “groom” (not wax!) each other’s body parts. “He groomed me while I was pregnant,” Mila explains of Ashton.

6. Mila is the only one of the bunch to have never thrown something of her S.O’s away that she hated without telling them. “Every time [Kristen] goes away for more than 48 hours, I get rid of about 20 things,” Dax confessed.

group shot

7. They have all *probably* been in handcuffs. Again with some confusion on the part of Dax and Kristen, who weren’t entirely sure if Ellen meant of a law-abiding or more sexual nature.

8. They’ve all given their partner a massage. No big shocker here — “Of course, of course, who doesn’t like massages?” Ellen said.

And there you have it! Eight fun facts we never knew we needed to know, but are so, so glad we do.

Watch all the crazy hijinx in its entirety here!

h/t BuzzFeed, photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty and Ellen