Our dads will always have a special place in our hearts. They have been there for us… even when our moms told us no (sorry, moms, today is dad’s day), and have taught us amazing life lessons (and grill hacks) since we were young. So we thought, “What’s a better way to honor all the fathers out there? By stalking celebs’ Instagram accounts, of course!” Whether they are the dads we admire, the pops we wish were our own or the dudes we wouldn’t mind having babies with (looking at you, Justin, Ryan), scroll through to see how they celebrated Father’s Day with their loved ones.


1. Tom Brady: Gisele photographed her hubby getting attacked with kisses from their three adorable children. Can it get any cuter than this? (via @giseleofficial)


2. Steph Curry: Lil’ Riley Curry stole the show during the NBA Finals so naturally she has a starring role in papa Steph Curry’s Father’s Day Instagram! (via @wardell30)


3. Matt Rossenburg: Nothing is better than being a first-time dad on Father’s Day. Haylie Duff celebrates by posting this precious photo of her husband and their brand new baby Ryan. (via @haylieduff)


4. Amanda Seyfried: Amanda shared this throwback of her family’s Christmas photo. With her dad’s killer stache and tartan tie, we can see why her dad is her favorite. (via @mingey)


5. Jeremiah Brent: We had to check in on Nate Berkus, Jeremiah Brent and baby Poppy on Father’s Day. Yup, as adorable as ever. (via @jeremiahbrent)


6. Ozzy Osbourne: With a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll and lots of love, this father-daughter duo + this snap from daughter Kelly is a force to be reckoned with. (via @kellyosbourne)


7. Gwyneth Paltrow: Not only is this #tbt photo sweet, but the message that Gwyneth wrote about her father is even sweeter.(via @gwynethpaltrow)


8. January Jones’ Papa: The Mad Men star shared this pic of her father in a neon get-up we wouldn’t mind borrowing for the beach. (via @januaryjones)


9. President Obama: The FLOTUS posted this pic of her hubs with their beautiful daughters from back in the day. (via @michelleobama)


10. Rodger Berman: No surprise that Rachel Zoe’s adorable photo of her hubby + their two children is perfectly styled, of course. (via @rachelzoe)


11. Jay Z: When the lil Queen Bee wants ice cream, daddy will get her ice cream — even if you are the biggest rapper in the world. #sorrynotsorry (via @beyonce)


12. Ashley Benson’s Dad: The PLL star shares a throwback of her and her pops being ballers by hanging at a basketball game together. (via @itsashbenzo)


13. David Beckham: Even the most fashionable dads could always use some extra accessories. David Beckham showed off his arm candy that his children have given him for Father’s Day. (via @davidbeckham)


14. Allison Williams: The lovely AW shared a throwback pic of her dad holding her as a child and hanging out at the beach together. BFF? We think so. (via @aw)


15. Justin Timberlake: With the recent addition to the DILF club, Justin Timberlake always knows how to steal the show. But sorry, Justin, your baby is already learning daddy’s new tricks with this adorable onesie. (via @justintimberlake)

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 2.03.42 PM

16. Fergie’s Papa: Fergie shared an old family photo of her, her sibling and her father that we would add to our roundup of pix that prove dads were and will always be the original hipster. (via @fergie)

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 2.08.01 PM

17. Daddy Dunham: Lena Dunham posted these pictures of her dad to celebrate him for Father’s Day. Now we know where Lena gets her creative qualities. (via @lenadunham)

How did YOU celebrate this Father’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!