Calling all fitness app lovers (and anyone else remotely interested in living your best life, because YOLO): There’s a new set of wearables that are taking healthy living to a whole new level. Instead of just tracking your steps and heart rate and never actually acting on that data, STYR Labs just launched two fitness devices that take information collected about your health and turn it into personalized deliveries of nutrients, like vitamins or protein powder that’ll give you exactly the energy you need to kill it at CrossFit or meet other fitness goals. Super personalized fuel that constantly evolves based on new data from your devices? That’s pretty incredible.

Runner using smart watch

“The health and fitness industry is exploding with innovative activity trackers and applications as consumers become more serious about improving their health. What consumers need most though is a way to optimize performance by converting fitness and nutritional data into actual health products that will impact their goals,” says Paul Mackay, COO of STYR Labs.

By using the company’s technology, STYR app users can collect data on their activity, including their nutritional preferences, behaviors, motion patterns and location info. That, paired with their lifestyle and activity traits, allows the company to evaluate the data and deliver either single-serve liquid multivitamins or protein blends directly to their homes. Personalized health at your doorstep? Yes, please.

styr tracker

STYR Labs offers two Bluetooth enabled devices — an activity tracker and a wireless scale — that provide individual motion and body composition data to the STYR app. Or, if you already have a Fitbit or Jawbone that you love, you can connect it to the app and still receive personalized feedback and supplements.

“Consumers want meaningful and validated data they can easily digest and interpret in ways that are personally meaningful to them. We believe natural single-serve vitamins and protein blends that are personalized to you are what the body needs to fuel a healthy lifestyle change or improve athletic performance,” Paul adds.

styr scale

You use each device separately, based on what type of supplement you want. The STYR fitness wearable measures steps, calories and distance and provides the data to build the custom multivitamins, while the STYR wireless scale measures body fat, body weight, BMI, visceral fat, bone mass and water content and provides the data needed to build the custom protein packets.

The supplement blends are natural, GMO, gluten, sugar and dairy-free mixes. You can purchase a Multivitamin Starter Kit for $68, which includes the activity tracker and 15 vitamin packets or a Protein Starter Kit for $78, which includes the wireless scale and two protein packets. Track and fuel away!

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(Photos via STYR Labs; Getty)