In the past couple of years, the world of activity trackers and wearable tech has REALLY blown up. While we love having lots (and lots) of options, there are now so many options out there, you can get a little lost. So how do you choose just one? One way to do it is by finding the best tracker for your fave activity, so we’ve compiled a handy dandy list for you to find the perf wearable for you. Of course, plenty of these are all-around all-stars, so even if you like switching up your workout, you don’t always have to switch out your tech!



If you’re angling to be a competitor in the Tour de France someday, the Moov Now ($60) is the wearable you need. Strap this baby to your ankle while you’re on the move, attach your smartphone to your handle bars and you’ll have access to a map and real-time report on your pedaling cadence. The app will even let you compare routes for difficulty. To make things even better, the Moov Now app also provides live coaching, so you’ll feel like you always have someone pushing you forward. Okay, so even if you’re a casual cycler, this wearable is still pretty darn cool.



The Microsoft Band 2 ($250) isn’t your average activity tracker — this beauty comes fully loaded with email, notifications and so much more. What makes the Band 2 ideal for hiking, however, is the built in GPS, UV monitor, barometer and elevation tracker that ensures you get the best — and best informed — hike ever.



For those who are quick on your feet (ahem, runners), the Garmin Vivosmart Hr+ ($220) is your OTP. It tracks your heart rate, provides you with a GPS, measures steps and calories, and the screen was designed for a flawless display even in glinting sunlight — which is key when you’re running outdoors.



Form meets function when it comes to the Bellabeat Leaf Urban in rose gold ($129). This gorgeous color is a limited edition, but the silver ($119) is available all year round. The thing that’s so great about this wearable is its versatility — you can wear it on your wrist, around your neck or clipped onto your gym clothes. This piece will stay on even when you’re doing an inversion. Plus, it even tracks your daily meditation!


Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

When it comes to gymming it, the Fitbit Blaze ($230) is your BFF. It’s got a heart-rate tracker and Fitbit’s own workout app, FitStar. The app will tailor exercises and even provide on-screen workouts for you like your own digital personal trainer, so you never run out of things to do when you’re at the gym.



While it’s not out yet, the Fitbit Flex 2 ($100) is available for pre-order globally and will be shipping out starting this fall (which isn’t too far away). The reason why the Fitbit Flex 2 is perfect for your swimming needs is because this tracker is swim-proof for up to 50 meters underwater. That’s, like, really deep. It also tracks your steps, your workouts and your sleep. Can’t beat that!



The iSetWatch ($91) was made expressly for tennis — so calling all Serena Williams out there, this one’s for you. This device will keep track of your sets and time and is Bluetooth enabled, so you and your partner can keep track of live match scores too. It’ll also analyze your performance after the game to help you improve. Basically, it’s your tennis coach but in smartwatch form.



There’s never been a more beautiful lifestyle wearable than the Amazfit Moonbeam ($80). It’s definitely eye-catching — and yes, prepare to get stopped in the streets to be asked, “Where’d you get that?” The coolest part is this brand new wearable is actually very, very tiny: it’s just the little disc in the center. The disc, whose design was inspired by Chinese jade, packs quite a punch with an induction-charging battery, mini sensors to track your steps and your sleep and a waterproof ceramic casing. It comes in white and black, and with different accessory options, so you’ll always stay stylish.

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