Five Feet Apart, a movie about two teenagers who meet and fall in love while hospitalized with serious illness, will break your heart and make you ugly-cry in public. But behind the scenes, as seen in a clip exclusively available on Brit + Co, stars Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson had a lot of fun filming the teen drama.

Sprouse and Richardson play Will and Stella, two star-crossed teenagers living with cystic fibrosis. As they get to know each other, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to keep their doctor-ordered distance of six feet apart, a rule imposed on real-life patients of the illness in order to prevent cross-infection between those with the genetic disease.

In the sneak peek from set, Sprouse and Richardson film the ice-skating scene in which Will and Stella break the rules by spending unrestricted time together.

“It’s a very freeing moment for the two of them, because they’re actually enjoying each other’s company in a kind of free and romantic way,” Sprouse says.

There’s a sense of that freedom and joy behind the scenes, too, as the actors demonstrate how they used felt slippers on the bottoms of their shoes on the snowy outdoor ice rink. At one point, Sprouse jokes that his costar likes to show off that she’s had professional dance training (and, admittedly, she pulls off some pretty impressive moves on the ice).

Watch the clip above, and check out Five Feet Apart in theaters now.

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(Photos via Alfonso Bresciani/CBS Films)