One of the biggest hair styling issues that people commonly face is having a side that never styles as well as the other. Not only can this be frustrating, but it can sometimes result in hair thinning and breakage. We’re giving you the 411 on what causes your hair to get a C- in the styling department, and what you can to do to fix it. Sure, your hair might have a mind of its own, but you can still make it work for you.

Reconsider How You Sleep


If you’re lying on the same spot all night or constantly moving, your sleep routine may be causing damage to your hair. Even the strongest locks can fall victim to thinning over time. If your hair already shows signs of damage, it may be time to reconsider how you lay your head at night. To protect your hair, invest in a silk pillow. Whether you move around all night or stay in one spot, the silk on the pillow will help your hair out. To really amp up your sleep routine, wear a braid that keeps your ends all together with a scrunchie — yes, seriously! Add a little shine serum on the ends, and you’ll be all set.

Evaluate Your Products


As much as you love them, the products you’re using could be weighing your hair down. Maybe your shampoo or conditioner is too heavy for your locks, and your hair just wont lift. In some cases, your hair may have just gotten used to the same products, so always switch up your shower routine.

To remedy this hair dilemma, grab a clarifying shampoo to get out all the impurities and any residue. Hair-dye addicts: Before you lather up, make sure the label is safe for color-treated hair. After you’ve washed your mane and are reaching for the conditioner, remember that it’s only really meant for your ends, not your roots. If you follow this routine, it may still take a couple weeks for your strands to feel normal again. Once your ‘do is back to normal, limit your clarifying shampoo use to once a week, as it can leave hair a little too dry when it’s overused.

Switch Your Part


Rockin’ your hair one way for too long can cause it to break along the part, resulting in one side lacking style. Over time, the breakage will lead to thinning. Always make a point to change up where your hair lies every once in a while, especially if you’re thermally styling every day. Giving your regular part a breather by switching it up or pulling it all back will revitalize your strands. It might take a couple days for your strands to adjust to a new part, but a simple bobby pin at night can help you out.

Watch Out for Too Much Layering


We’re definitely pro layering, but just make sure your layers flow together. Especially if your locks aren’t parted down the middle, one side will have less hair than the other. Layers that are too bulky could definitely create some bad-hair-day frustration for you. Make sure to chat about this with your stylist when you’re deciding on your look and what you’d like to change.

What will you do to better your styling? Let us know in the comments below!