If there is one thing we wish we could magically wake up to in the morning (besides Chris Pratt, of course), it’s beautiful, frizz-free hair. We are still waiting for The Jetsons’s hair machine that could easily fix all of our styling problems. But in the meantime, we’re sharing 14 updos that will only cost you five minutes of your day.


1. Messy French Twist: Isn’t this French twist gorgeous? You can easily make this updo with a little bit of surf spray and a quick tease of the hair. Trés chic! (via Irrelephant)


2. Two-Minute Low-Bun Braid: What’s better than a five-minute updo? A two-minute updo. Score! (via She Steals)


3. Head Scarf Tutorial: When your mane has an attitude problem of its own, just grab a scarf and wrap it around your head for an easy way to deal with the issue at hand. (via Keiko Lynn)


4. Updo for Naturally Curly Hair: Embrace your natural texture with this quick ‘do. After a few minutes, you’re good to go and out the door in no time! (via Once Wed)


5. Braided Updo: Sure, the braid looks killer, but we’re too busy admiring this gorgeous shade of orange. We definitely want to be a part of this color-play party. (via Hair Romance)


6. The S Bun: Create the letter “S” with your hair for a twist on a traditional updo. Amp up the wow factor by adding colorful accessories for some added flair. (via The Beauty Department)


7. The Roll Up: This retro chignon is great for when you need a quick day-to-night look. Just because you came from work doesn’t mean you need to look like you did. (via Refinery29)


8. Twist Chignon: This updo screams romantic. All we need is Prince Charming and a glass slipper — any takers? (via Rubi Jones)


9. Headband Wrap: Make your locks pull double duty with this easy look. When you finally let your tresses loose, you’ll have natural, heat-free curls to show off. (via Hello Natural)


10. Low Chignon: We love it when a ‘do looks slightly messy. It adds character and an excuse to say, “We meant to do that.” (via The Small Things Blog)


11. The Knotted Bun: Could this tutorial be any easier? With one twist, we’re done and ready for one-on-one time with our morning coffee. That’s a relationship we’re always looking to nourish. (via Once Wed)


12. Easy Braided Updo: When two braids come together to create a killer bun, it’s a match made in heaven. (via Refinery29)


13. Rope Bun: Low buns look sophisticated without a lot of work. And why shouldn’t you look sophisticated while you go grocery shopping? #Rockthebun (via Cup of Joe)

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 9.10.13 PM

14. Twisted Top Knot: Nothing beats a perfectly crafted top bun. Okay, maybe a red lip, but a top bun comes close to second. (via I SPY DIY)

What are your favorite ways to wear your hair up to beat the summer heat? Tell us in the comments below!