You know what they always say: Halloween is the best time to let your inner bird shine. I’m sure no one has ever said that, but why not?! Birds are amazingly beautiful creatures that can fly! Except for our little penguin friends =/ After an amazing summer filled with flamingos and pineapples, we couldn’t wait to create a DIY flamingo Halloween costume. This outfit is super easy and quick to make, so you’ll have time to make one for yourself and your little mini-me.



– pink body suit

– skirt hoop

– pink boas

– pink tights

– pink spray paint

– large pink feathers

– hat fascinator


– hot glue

– fabric scissors



1. Spray paint your hat fascinator hot pink, and attach large feathers using hot glue.

2. Cut the skirt hoop to resemble a high-low skirt, then spray paint pink.

3. Put on the tights, leotard and skirt hoop. Grab the hot glue gun and start attaching the pink boas to your skirt base.


We found these amazing feathers at our local craft store. Bigger and more dramatic feathers will really turn your costume up a few notches.


Time to create your tail feather (then later you can shake it like a tail feather). Cut off the bottom layers of the skirt hoop to create a high-low hemline. Warning: We had to use wire cutters to get through the layers of the hoop. Definitely do not use fabric scissors!


Spray paint the outside and inside of your skirt hoop hot pink. This will dry almost instantly.


Time to start assembling your costume in this order: tights, leotard, skirt hoop. Grab your hot glue gun and attach those boas onto your skirt. We covered the main part of the skirt with a hot pink feathered boa and trimmed it with a lighter pink feathered boa.


Flaming-yo! We couldn’t find a one-shoulder long-sleeved pink leotard, so we just tucked the other sleeve into the inside of the leo. The one long arm really helps give the flamingo its shape.


Face paint is a must! Create a pink mask on your face or purchase one from the store. Extend the pink down your nose to give yourself a flamingo beak.


Yes, flamingos can fly! Up to 40 miles per hour, as a matter of fact.


Why do flamingos stand on one leg? To preserve their body heat.


Let’s flamingale =)

What other beautiful birds do you want to see turned into a Halloween costume? Tell us in the comments below.