Kids say the darndest things. They are like little drunkards — very opinionated with no filter, and not always the most sensical. Even if you don’t have kids of your own, you can appreciate their innocence and how unintentionally funny they are. And now with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can live vicariously through parents dealing with the trials and tribulations of having kids. For example, on Instagram, you can follow @MyKidCantEatThis and see all the illogical reasons kids will not eat food they otherwise like.


Take the chicken nugget that looks like a stocking. Poor kid would rather hang it on the mantle than eat such a masterpiece.


Or how about the kid who cannot eat that piece of bacon because it broke in half? A travesty, yes, but, we mean… BACON.


Another favorite is the child who will not drink the Tropicana orange juice because it tastes like cigarettes.


Then there is the endearing kid who will not eat the smiley face cracker because it’s too cute, so the parent freezes it so he can pay it visits. How sweet is that?


Or the oranges that cannot be eaten because the juice is too wet? Kid, you want the juice.

The list goes on and on. And trust that after just a little perusing, you too will follow #MyKidCantEatThat on Instagram.

Keeping up with the parenting theme, The Huffington Post compiles the best and funniest parenting tweets for the week, and let us tell you, you will laugh each and every time.


How funny is “hell hath no fury like a like a 4 year old whose sandwich has been cut into squares when he wanted triangles?” That tweet was echoed by: “It would be awesome if as adults we could lose our ever-lovin’ mind if our sandwiches had crusts.”

So you see, there is a lot you can learn by following all these parents. This is wisdom you cannot get anywhere else, so educate yourself a bit while laughing at what comes out of the brains of babes.

Do you have a favorite parenting story? Share yours in the comment below.