There鈥檚 no point in denying it: Kids don鈥檛 like vegetables. Hence聽the age-old question: How do you get your kids to eat more veggies? You鈥檝e perfected the art of persuasion and put away the snack foods in hopes that they鈥檒l be hungry enough to scarf down that spinach. What parent hasn鈥檛聽promised an extra hour of tv or a dessert (yep, that鈥檚 counterproductive) in exchange for cleaning up those carrots? After bribery, there鈥檚 always trickery, and eventually鈥β燼ll-out war.聽If you鈥檝e got a kiddo who eyes each plate聽like a hawk 鈥 a hawk that only eats pasta and pizza 鈥 it鈥檚 time to give him something interesting to look at. Solve your picky-eater problems with these 16 clever ideas.


1.聽Make Veggie 鈥淔ries鈥: What if your kids magically ate everything that was on their plate? That鈥檚 no surprise when fries are on the menu. These tasty treats have got good things going for them: They鈥檙e fries 鈥 and hey, there鈥檚 dip involved! (via聽Pottery Barn Blog)


2. Disguise Veggies As Candy: These Paleo 鈥渟kittles鈥 are made from fruit, veggies and organic coconut oil. Serve 鈥檈m up in a colorful cup for a fun snack. (via Joyful Abode)


3.聽Serve聽Them in a聽Cup: We鈥檒l call this delicious little project 鈥淣o sibling left behind.鈥 Because there鈥檚 nothing more horrible than being stuck at the table over a plate of chickpeas, while your smart-eater sister chills in front of the television. (via聽Taste of Japan)


4. Keep it Colorful With Rainbow Flatbread Pizza: Pizza is the food of kids. Don鈥檛 fight it. This colorful version is super-fun and healthy too. (via Gimme Some Oven)


5.聽Do the Dip: Dip, dip hooray! Kids will eat almost anything if they can dip it. (via聽Uit Paulines Keuken)


6. Serve it Pretty: Real talk: Adults need veggies too. Even the most broccoli-abhorrent parent will agree that a display this pretty is appealing. (via Modern Parents Messy Kids)

cauliflower mac and cheese

7. Mix It Up with a Healthy聽Mac & Cheese: Warm, cheesy and gooey 鈥 no one will ever know that there鈥檚 cauliflower thrown in. (via Eat Yourself Skinny)

uncommon goods

8. Make a Food Face聽($12):聽Your child will work up an appetite creating food faces for Mr. or Ms. Fashion Plate. These fun plates from Uncommon Goods encourage kids to聽get hands-on with those veggies.


9. Sneak Them in a Sauce: Obviously the goal is to get kids to learn to love veggies. But there鈥檚 nothing wrong with sneaking a few extra servings in here and there. This veggie-packed sauce should be a staple in every momma鈥檚 kitchen. (via Parenting)

creative plate

10. Serve a Creative Plate: Sometimes a fun food arrangement is all it takes to encourage a kid to enjoy their food. Bonus points if you can think of interesting names for each food. Broccoli is way less boring when it becomes 鈥渢iny trees鈥 and beets are suddenly beautiful when they鈥檝e transformed into 鈥渏ewels鈥. (via Meet the Dubiens)


11. Veggies in Popsicle Form: Because no kid ever did turn down a popsicle. (via Cooking Stoned)


12. Play with Your Food: Yep, play with your food. We know your mom wouldn鈥檛 approve, but hey 鈥 the times, they鈥檙e a-changin鈥. If having a little fun with food will encourage kids to eat better, we鈥檙e all for it. (via She Knows)


13. Drink聽鈥楨m Up: Kids need at least five servings of fruits and veggies daily. This smoothie is聽a delicious disguise for at least one of those servings. (via聽A Pumpkin and a Princess)


14.聽Transform Veggies Into Fruit Snacks: That box of fruit snacks from the store? It鈥檚 definitely聽not聽veggies鈥 and maybe not even fruit. Kids will be pleasantly fooled by this healthy (shhh 鈥 and veggie-loaded) alternative. (via聽Modern Parents Messy Kids)


15. Sneak Veggies in Every Snack: We know 鈥 the experts all say to put a stop to snacktime聽so kids will eat better at mealtime. But since the no-snack policy isn鈥檛 always realistic, we鈥檝e found a way to sneak veggies into a snack. This green apple fruit leather is sure to be a hit. (via Oh My Veggies)

make it a game

16. Make It a Game: Send the kids on a snack-time hunt, or turn this idea into a guessing game. Suddenly veggies are cool and fun to eat 鈥 no mealtime聽breakdowns聽involved. (via Kailo Chic)

Do your little ones like vegetables? Any tips? We鈥檙e all ears 鈥 share your smart ideas below.聽