There are a lot of different things to love about the Olympics. Maybe you like cheering on your team or watching your favorite sport. As for us, we’re already planning our opening ceremony party. But one thing’s for certain: It’s impossible to keep up with all of the Olympics unless you leave all your obligations for two weeks straight, and that’s just not possible. That’s why we’re going to rely heavily on social media for the next few weeks — especially Facebook. The social network announced several features rolling out just in time for the games.

Winning at olympic games, hand holding gold medals

Users will be able to show their support for their favorite team by using temporary frames on their profile pictures for the countries participating. And, effective now, the Facebook homepage is going to start looking a bit different. When users spot an Olympic icon in their news feeds, they will be able to click through to a page with special Olympic content. There, they will find personalized search results, conversations and even live videos from the games. There will also be listings with all local Olympic events for those who feel like heading out and celebrating with the neighborhood.

You have quite a few options to follow the Olympics this summer: You can catch a last-minute flight down to Brazil, camp out in front of your TV 24/7 or get all the highlights from your social media. Guess which option we’re picking?

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